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August 12, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. What were your expectations when you started the day based off of last week and practice?
TIGER WOODS: Well, to shoot something under par. That was the goal today. Got off to a quick start and all of a sudden, I felt like I could shoot something in the 60s. Didn't quite happen. Lost a few shots out there but I made a nice birdie on 9, and finished under par for the day.

Q. Where do you still need to do the most work?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I think overall, I felt like I had pretty good control of my trajectory, which was good, especially with the wind, I was able to flight the ball better than it I did last week. But also, had good speed on the greens again today, and if anything, I was leaving the putts just a little bit short. The greens were a little bit shorter than what I was seeing, and just have to make an adjustment over that.

Q. You left a few inside a few inches going in, how much of a test of your patience was that in the round overall?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I hit -- as I said, I hit good putts but my speed, what I was seeing, you know, the greens looked faster than what they are rolling. It's hard to make yourself hit the ball a little bit harder, for me, anyways. I hit a lot of good putts right on my lines, and they were just a little bit lacking in speed.

Q. The tee shot on 16, you seemed pretty happy with the tee shot, you walk away from that hole with par, where does that tell you that you are when you walk away from that hole --
TIGER WOODS: Just hit a bad putt. That's the way it goes.

Q. The tee shot?
TIGER WOODS: The tee shot was good. I flighted it down there. I hit a few shots like that. To attempt to get it there in two, I had to hit the ball flight down.

Q. Was the driving better?
TIGER WOODS: Everything was better.

Q. When the putt went in --
TIGER WOODS: Well, I played too good not to shoot under par, and it would have been very disappointing and frustrating to end up at even par as well as I played today. And to make that putt on 16 was -- to shoot under par just feels like less than I should have shot for the way I played today and that's a good feeling.
You know, with the wind like that, I don't know where to drive it. If I drive it over the top of the bunkers, I can go in the water long. Vijay hit it up in the air but he took something off of it a little bit and he still hit it long. I feel uncomfortable with that shot and you saw the result. But it was a good par.

Q. Do you feel like you're able to take what you've been working on this week to the course?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, definitely.

Q. What do you think is the difference between this week and last week?
TIGER WOODS: Well, just one week. That's the way it goes. I mean, everyone has bad weeks.

Q. You are first in proximity to hole on your approach shots but last place in putts -- how would you best explain that?
TIGER WOODS: Well, probably because I was -- I've been in the fairway twice per day, and -- (laughter) -- so there you go.

Q. It's better than it has been, the putting --
TIGER WOODS: I felt so much more comfortable over it. I got my lines back. I got everything lined up where I could release the blade, toe is moving again, which is great, something I like to feel. It felt good.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: I made a nice one at 10, the first hole, and a nice up-and-down on 12, only place you can't put is where I can't put it long, and got away with it and another good putt at 13, so nice to get off to a good start, even at 14, I hit a good putt and just missed, even though it's from long range.

Q. The Tiger Woods last week, your confidence wasn't great coming in, does this round give you more confidence?
TIGER WOODS: Certainly it does, because I was able to control my trajectory. When the wind blows like this, you have to, you can't just hit the ball in the air and all over the place. I felt like I was driving the ball and I was able to control it both ways.

Q. Did you work harder these last couple of days than you normally would coming into a major? Did you feel like you had to putt in extra effort? Can you talk about how the last few days have been compared to other times?
TIGER WOODS: Well, depends. Usually I don't play the week before a major, so my game is usually more dialed in, and I don't have to putt in that much work, because I've already done that at home.
So what you saw the last few days, is what I always do at home going into majors. So when I come here, I don't have to do a whole lot of work so I can save my energy and conserve my energy and apply it to tournament round and have a lot of energy to play. It's worked 14 times doing it that way.
This has been different, and I struggled last week and had to put in some work and felt good.

Q. Going from shooting 75 last week to --
TIGER WOODS: Welcome to golf. It is what it is. Guys shoot 59 and don't win. Fickle game.

Q. What you've been working on, how would you judge that --
TIGER WOODS: Better. It feels better. Not where I want it but it's better and it's something that I've worked on with Hank. It's the same thing, something I've always tended to struggle with, and you know, it's how we are always taught as a junior, how I was taught as a junior growing up, how to hit the ball further, always move off the ball. But things have changed a little bit, technique has changed. It felt good to be a little bit more steady today. I felt like I was able to, as I said, drive the ball in this wind and it felt good.

Q. When you walked to the first tee today, did you feel any different than when you walked to the first tee at Bridgestone?
TIGER WOODS: No. I felt the same. Trying to place the ball down the correct side of the fairway, shape it correctly and move on.

Q. How did the delay affect you?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I got to eat three breakfasts, so that's always good.

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