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August 6, 2010

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: I think scoring in the afternoon was a little bit higher yesterday because the greens got a little bit chewed up. It's just to be expected. We've had a lot of rain around here.
But it was great this morning. We were worried we were not going to get finished. We had some dark clouds rolling in, but we did, so I'm happy.

Q. The scores usually at this place are pretty high. This week they've been pretty low. When you see someone like Retief running away a little bit does it make you put your foot on the pedal a little bit more than you might have to usually at this place?
PAUL CASEY: Yes, and this place in the past from how many appearances, it's always been kind of just plug your way around and make a lot of pars, occasional birdies. I've always felt if you play every single nine in sort of 1-under par, 8-under for the week is a really good score. And with these soft conditions, that's not the way anymore. I saw Goose, I don't know what he's going to finish at, but I saw him at about 7-under or so through 27 holes. That's a score I'm not familiar with around this golf course. You've got to fire at flags, you've got to take advantage of these soft conditions and kind of forget about what you've seen or what you've -- how you've played in golf course in the past.

Q. What sort of 68 was that?
PAUL CASEY: It was very solid, one bogey, three birdies, two 68s. It's been very solid. I'm slightly disappointed I haven't made more birdies. Having said that, the way I hit the golf ball Monday through Wednesday was fairly bad, so you know, if you said I'd be 4-under through two rounds and three off the lead I'd probably take it because the ball-striking wasn't very good at the beginning of this week. Just turned around.
I'd like to make more birdies. These guys like Goose out there are just tearing it to pieces. Firestone has always been very firm and fast and very difficult to get close to the pin, and that's not the case with the conditions we've got right now.

Q. What's changed in the game if the ball-striking has gone from poor to good?
PAUL CASEY: Posture was lazy, probably a little bit of fatigue, probably just not paying attention, something as simple as that. 90 percent of the time it's something I do before I hit the golf ball. If I hit the ball off line or something like that it's my own fault, not setting up correctly. Posture was poor, saw Kostis on the range actually Wednesday morning and ended up hitting it pretty good yesterday. I've just got to build a bit of confidence. Still not driving it -- still a couple of wild ones in there which I need to get rid of, and I need to make some putts and be more aggressive on these greens.

Q. Slightly disappointing final at the Open for you, ended up finishing third. Do you learn from that sort of experience and can you carry that forward?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah. To use a better word, it's almost like an autopsy, you kind of go through and you kind of look at what you did well, what you did wrong. Having said that, you know, looking at my own game, learnt a lot. I also learnt to start looking at the way Louis played. He did so many things right. It was very, very impressive. You know, if you can emulate the way Louis carried himself and played his golf, I think that would help anybody.

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