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July 16, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. 17 obviously took a lot out of you.
PAUL CASEY: 17, yeah. You know, it wasn't a great tee shot in the left rough. It's difficult to hug that right side today with the wind, pretty intimidating. And when I got down there, I was just trying to go sideways. I felt that with the rough so thick, and it's the thickest rough on the golf course, there was no way of going forward. I wanted to go straight sideways but couldn't go at it too hard because if I went at it too hard and it came out, I could end up in Room 312.
So the club just went straight underneath it. For my third shot I had to go backwards down the fairway and then from there up to the green, and a few whacks, and a 7. So pretty easy, easy 7.

Q. Despite 17 you must still be pretty happy with how you played.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I was very happy. It was a really good display on the outward nine. Actually the whole round was good. I made a lot of good putts on the front half. You know, maybe that was -- I also had a couple of three-putt pars, which was frustrating, but the pins are in difficult locations. You know, those three-putts, it got away from me. If you get it to the downwind and downhill, the greens are extremely quick. But very happy.
To be honest, I'm not even that frustrated with what happened on 17. If you had told me I'd be in the clubhouse on -- what am I, 6-under? 6-under, I would have bitten your arm off, especially the conditions we were warming up in this morning in the wind and the pouring rain. Yeah, I'm very happy with that.

Q. Talk about the drive on 18.
PAUL CASEY: A little bit of anger in there (laughing).

Q. How long was the putt?
PAUL CASEY: I have no idea how long the putt was. I didn't realise Cabrera went over the green. I was too busy worrying about my own drive. Pretty much the line, I was never going to at that pin with the tee shot. Too close to the rough sticks for my liking. Much easier angle. I must admit, I had no value to come through. Although I was twice, maybe three times as far away as Ricky was, I had the easier shot.

Q. On 17 what do you think of the fairway there? Is it a little narrow for the length of the hole and the severity of everything else that's going on?
PAUL CASEY: I don't mind the width of the fairway. I would have just -- I'll be honest, that's the thickest rough on the golf course. I would just like it thinned out. You know, I mean, there's got to be some penalty for going left, and you know, that's what this golf course has always been about. For the majority of the time if you go down the right you get the better angle, and if you go down the left it's that much more difficult. I had exactly that on 16. I got behind a big knuckle on 16 and had a very awkward shot but managed to make par.
Width of the fairway is fine. If you pace it off from the edge of the fairway on the left-hand side of the road, which is all good, it's probably fairly wide, 40 yards or so.

Q. You said it was pretty rough weather when you were on the range. To start 3-3-3, that's a terrific start.
PAUL CASEY: Traffic start, but when the rain was coming down earlier today, it wasn't very windy. The flags were limp when we teed off, and I took advantage of it. You get close to those flags -- these guys now, I think it's much tougher this afternoon than it was this morning. I'd much rather have the rain and fairly calm conditions. You know, as long as you don't get too much water on the golf course -- with some of these drivers nowadays, guys who are going low spin and lots of distance can suffer a little bit, instead of spinning the ball and sliding it off the face. I actually went to more loft, 10.5 today to try to spin the ball in the air when it got wet, and it worked. I'd much rather have that than a 30-mile-an-hour wind as it's predicted this afternoon.

Q. How is the throat?
PAUL CASEY: Throat is croaky but it's working.

Q. What's the bulletin?
PAUL CASEY: I'm fine. It's fine. I felt pretty -- I felt very rough on Wednesday night, and maybe it was a good thing that I was off late yesterday, gave me a bit more time. Christian, my caddie, doesn't like the fact that my voice has come back. But it's all good. So no, I feel great.

Q. Talk about your position after two rounds.
PAUL CASEY: Very happy with that. You know, this is going to be -- I read the Tom Watson quote about whatever she gave away today, she'll take back tomorrow. I believe that with links golf, so it's about hanging around. I'd be very impressed if Louis and Rory keep popping in scores like that, and if they do, good luck to them.

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