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July 2, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. The second round, you couldn't quite get it to the house. Had a good round working and then the 14th hole comes up and bites you.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it is what it is. I drove the ball on a string the last two days and haven't gotten anything out of it.

Q. I thought you had good control with your irons as far as distances and you gave yourself a lot of uphill putts.
TIGER WOODS: It was better but not quite where it needs to be. It still needs to be a little bit sharper, and I'm not making anything right now.

Q. You're the king of par-5s and you're 1-over for the par-5s this week.
TIGER WOODS: I played them awful, absolutely awful. Drove it here on 9 perfect a couple times and couldn't take advantage of it, and 16 I was in the right rough, so I had to lay up.

Q. This is such a difficult golf course that may only get tougher on the weekend.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I've just got to put together two good rounds and see where that leaves me.

Q. Comments on the day?
TIGER WOODS: I drove the ball great today. I drove it straight pretty much all day. Irons were a little better than yesterday but didn't really make anything today. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Hard to get momentum out there?
TIGER WOODS: When you're not making any putts, what are you going to do? No matter how good I drive it, it doesn't matter; the putts aren't going in. I've just got to putt better.

Q. Was it pretty much the same reason as yesterday?
TIGER WOODS: For some reason today I couldn't release the blade and couldn't get it moving. The course is tough, but still, I had some good looks and just didn't make anything.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
TIGER WOODS: I left a 6-iron just short of the hole.

Q. Same as what you did yesterday?

Q. Tiger, at 5 you flew the green, a little bit long there.

Q. What was the chip like?
TIGER WOODS: I had a lie there near the fringe. In order to get it close I had to (inaudible), it just went ten feet by. I was just trying to land the ball close, whether it was on the fringe or on the green, in that area, and I just got underneath it too much.

Q. What is within range for you? And the way you say you're striking the ball right now, do you feel like this can turn around for you?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I'm hitting it well, just got to get the ball in the hole. Hopefully I can go out there and get something out of it tomorrow.

Q. (On Arjun Atwal:)
TIGER WOODS: Arjun is a great guy to play golf with. He's trying to get a start, working on a medical. He has this event and one more to make it up.

Q. (On his game:)
TIGER WOODS: It's not quite where it needs to be, not quite sharp yet. I hit it awesome, putt awful. I putt great, hit it awful. It's always something.

Q. The short putt on 8 --
TIGER WOODS: I just blocked it.

Q. You've been a dominant player, now the game seems to be horrible.
TIGER WOODS: Well, it's because I'm not making putts. As I said, I'm driving it on a string right now, and that's fun, but if you don't make putts, no matter how good you hit the golf ball, you're not going to shoot good scores.

Q. You talked about two days ago about how you kind of go back to what your dad taught you about putting. Is that something you really go back to --
TIGER WOODS: I do it every day.

Q. Is there something you kind of go to with that?
TIGER WOODS: There's a lot of different things we worked on over the years. I know what to do, I've just got to get that in play.

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