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July 1, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. Frustrating day today?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, especially with how good I hit it today. I hit it good all day and made absolutely nothing today. I just putted awful, really. My speed was good, but I never hit the ball on line. It was a very frustrating day on the greens, especially how good I was driving it, how I was driving it on a string all day.

Q. Is your back feeling okay?
TIGER WOODS: My back is fine. My back is fine. You probably saw me hit too many putts. That's what it is.

Q. What did you think of the gallery today? What did you think of the reception you got out there?
TIGER WOODS: They were incredible today, absolutely incredible. They were following us, having a great time, and unfortunately we didn't give them a whole lot to cheer about today.

Q. The 60-footer must have felt good, huh?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I think out of all my putts (indiscernible). It is what it is. As I said, my speed is good, it's just that my line is not very good.

Q. Going forward for the next three days do you think you can get it back on track?
TIGER WOODS: I keep hitting it like this, I'll be fine. The putts will start going in. It felt good to drive it on a string again. I hit what I thought were two bad drives and both of them landed in the fairway and just got into the rough, so it was a good feeling.

Q. Totally different conditions, different courses, but you came off of Pebble with not a good putting week for reasons that you spoke about. Can you get into a putting funk even though it's a different grass, different venue, all that kind of stuff?
TIGER WOODS: As I said, my speed is good, I'm just not hitting the ball on line. Even when I did hit my putts on the exact line I wanted to, they still didn't go in. I didn't read them right. It's been sort of a combo platter.

Q. What happened on 16 and 17?
TIGER WOODS: 16, I laid the shaft down and hit it to the right, made bogey. 17, I was trying to lean on a 6 and overcooked it.

Q. (Question regarding the meeting in Orlando.)
TIGER WOODS: A couple hours. I cooperated and answered all their questions, and that was it.

Q. How different were these greens today than in the practice rounds?
TIGER WOODS: They had a few tough pins out there today. A few were really hard to get to, but most of them were pretty accessible. If you drive it well here, you're going to have wedges in your hand most of the day. You should be able to get after these flags. And we did. Unfortunately, our group didn't make a lot of putts.

Q. Last night you raised a lot of money for the foundation with Jon Bon Jovi. Talk about the reception you've received in this city.
TIGER WOODS: It's been incredible. For us to come here for the first time and the people to be as warm and open as they have been, so affectionate and receptive to what we're trying to do for kids, it's been -- we couldn't ask for a better reception.
Last night was just incredible. Jon played great, as always. It was pretty neat to see him play acoustically. We don't get a chance to see that very often. You start realizing how talented he really is.

Q. How is the back feeling, better or worse?
TIGER WOODS: Not much different.

Q. When you say on 17 you were leaning on it, what was your line?
TIGER WOODS: Line was center of the green, wind coming off the left, just hit a full hard one, but I had to keep it down to make sure I carried the front, and overcooked it trying to keep it down and draw it.

Q. How difficult is it to not be just mentally fatigued when you get to the golf course?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I've done it before. I've run a few tournaments over the years and played in them. I got plenty of sleep last night and I was ready to go, and unfortunately just didn't perform.

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