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June 24, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. Paul, well done, 68 today, 4-under, only four shots off the lead?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I'm happy, with that, and maybe a little frustrated. The reason I'm frustrated, I gave myself so many opportunities. Tee-to-green it was pretty strong. We've had a lot of traffic on the greens and a couple of putts slipped by.
But the good news is if I can play like that tomorrow, the greens will be fantastic. We will get nice, smooth greens in the morning and I can take advantage of it. But it's not bad. A little bit of jet-lag. Legs still felt a little bit shaky, so you've got to get off to a good start, and I did that.

Q. How much of a difference is it when you play this week and try to make birdie every hole compared to last week where par was a good score?
PAUL CASEY: Par was a very good score because you would have been in a playoff I think.
It's a little strange. Actually I got called out once today on the par 5, No. 6, I actually played a pitch in there and kind of got stuck in two lines and for some reason I thought I was back at Pebble Beach and trying to bump it back up the green, and these greens are very receptive, so you have to throw the ball very close to the hole, even on 60-yard pitches. I kick myself for that and it's frustrating, just a mental error. And it does happen when you play a golf course that's set up a certain way and you come to something which is so different, you can't do that.
Another one, I talked to Sergio, you're over reading the greens. The greens at Pebble Beach are so severe, and a lot of times you'll overread them and that can catch guys out; so not surprised a couple of guys who came over from the states are struggling.

Q. So on the weekends, will you put the England shirts on?
PAUL CASEY: I will probably get my wrist slapped but I should probably be in golf attire. Having said that, it is a lovely shirt and it's very comfortable to play in, so it is currently being washed, hopefully nice and safe by the German laundry at the hotel and they haven't ruined my England shirt.

Q. Might have put a bit of gold and black on it.
PAUL CASEY: But I will have it here as soon as we are finished. I think we are going for a 3:45 finish on Sunday. Great to have a battle with Kaymer or somebody like that down the stretch and get the crowds excited.
And it's good, because it means we are going to get good crowds out here and we will get it on the big screen on 18, so I think we'll sit out and enjoy the footie afterwards.

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