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June 24, 2010

Bubba Watson


Q. Bubba, you began the round five-foot putt for par that you missed. Things just go south from there, and you kind of fought it back and then turned it on on the back side with birdie.
BUBBA WATSON: You know, it was funny, the guy I hit with this morning, he was the only one putting back here, and it was slow, and I was like the minute he took his green, it was on the first hole, I had about a 5- or 6-footer and left it hanging on the lip short, and I was like, maybe I'm slow.
You know, I got a birdie real quick the next hole, made about a 12-footer. So you know, I three-putted No. 9, and I made that first break out there, I knew if I could shoot 4-under or 3-under, it would be good, and somehow I got to 5-under.

Q. This is a great course to get on a run, and you got on a run on the Back 9.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah. You know, I made a good swing on 11, hit it to about six feet with a wedge and made it. And then I got a perfect read from James. He had a putt from the fringe a foot from mine, and he left it just short, so I knew the line and just hit it a little hard obviously. And then the par-5 I hit it in the bunker. I chipped it to about like two feet. So I made a good birdie there. And what's the other one?

Q. 15.
BUBBA WATSON: 15, a drivable, I hit a 4-wood there on the green and just two-putted for birdie. And then I had a close putt there, I hit it to about eight feet, nine feet on the last hole and just made a good stroke.

Q. That was a good putt to finish it off and try to give you some momentum heading into Friday.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, definitely. You know, I wanted to make that one just to make dinner taste well.

Q. You've had a couple top 10s here. You like the course. This is the kind of course the more experience you get, the better. This is the kind of course --
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah. I'm trying to do like Hunter Mahan, start making all the money on this course.
You know, it's been good to me. The fairways, I've hit a lot of fairways. The tee shots look good to me, so I've always played pretty decent here.

Q. Good luck to you.

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