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June 17, 2010

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: It was so bouncy out there. I mean I was explaining, I was telling Tom down there, the screens are just awful. It is what it is. It's poa in the afternoon and they're fast.
So you know they're going to be bouncing all over the place and you can't leave yourself a second putt. You saw Ernie's putt over there on 13, simple putt, but out here it's not. It's going to be bouncing all over the place.

Q. You feel like you had a good round of golf going out there and you had the opportunity on 17, and you feel like the last --
TIGER WOODS: I three-putted twice and laid up on a bunker. Those are mistakes you just can't afford to make.

Q. Was it difficult not to compare this to 2000 for you as you're going around this course and what you did on each hole, or is that part of your mentality?
TIGER WOODS: No, this is this year. Don't forget, this is a completely different design, a complete redo from when we played. The holes are much different and the bunkering is much different. A few of the tees are totally different.

Q. What was your thinking on 18?
TIGER WOODS: If I go for the pin on the right, where am I going to go with my second shot? If I leave it in the trap I had no shot. I felt if I could hit a wedge and get it past the hole and I could get it closer to the hole going for it in 2 on that pin.

Q. What did you think of the crowds today?
TIGER WOODS: The crowds were great today, they were fantastic.

Q. How much better do you think the morning time tomorrow will be with the greens?
TIGER WOODS: I played in the morning on the practice rounds and they were great. This afternoon they were not. And you look at scores this afternoon, and no one is posting a good round this afternoon.

Q. In general, can you assess your swing, your neck, are you feeling okay?
TIGER WOODS: I felt like I played very consistent, very patient, and I hit a lot of shots how I wanted to hit them. And placed the ball in the correct spots.

Q. This is a course you have to go out and try to blow the numbers?

Q. You talked about the opportunity to play in the morning?
TIGER WOODS: I won three of these.

Q. What did you hit on your second shot on 18?
TIGER WOODS: 5-iron, I got a rider with the wind. It turned it in a touch.

Q. How many drivers today?
TIGER WOODS: Probably just three.

Q. Your first 11 greens, were you feeling the way you were hitting the ball at least through that point was pretty good and doing exactly what you wanted out there?
TIGER WOODS: I felt like I did that most of the day. And you just -- as I said, you can't leave yourself a second putt out here, they're just not very good. And leaving myself above the hole is not a place, because it's going to be bouncing all over the place. And Lee and I were talking about that today, you would rather have a 30 foot below the hole rather than 10 foot above the hole. You can't control it. You can't control the putts.

Q. Was your putt on 17 one that you felt this is makeable?
TIGER WOODS: Yes, it bounced about three feet in the air. It is what it is. All you can do is go out there and hit good putts and hopefully they kick in.

Q. What's your mindset on the big picture?
TIGER WOODS: Just be patient, there's a long way to go, just keep plugging along and see where I come Sunday afternoon.

Q. How tricky is that 14th?
TIGER WOODS: We've talked about that all week, it's probably the hardest third shot in all of golf. The way the green is right now, during AT&T it's no big deal, it's just going to plug up there. But not right now. It's very tricky.

Q. You had your frustration in check?
TIGER WOODS: It is what it is. There's no one making a lot of putts out there, no one is going low, you just can't. The afternoon guys can't. The morning guys have a chance. I've played, as I said, my practice rounds in the morning and the greens are smoother, but they're still very firm. You land the ball short of the green, a lot of times it's not going to skip up, land it past the green.

Q. Are they tougher than they were in 2000?
TIGER WOODS: Yes, much firmer.

Q. The fact that the afternoon crowd is at 2-under, the morning crowd the best they can do is 71, is that interesting to you?


Q. Were you bothered by somebody yelling on 9?
TIGER WOODS: I heard it.

Q. Did that have anything to do with the three-putt on 18?
TIGER WOODS: No, God, no.

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