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June 3, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. Tiger, first competitive round after the next. Got what you expected? How did it feel?
TIGER WOODS: Wish I could have been lower. I played the par 5s terrible today. I played them even par. Can't play these par 5s even par. You've got to take care of the par 5s.
All the guys that are up there on the board, look at their scorecard, what they did on the par 5s. They're all about 3 under par on the par 5s. That's the biggest difference out there.

Q. Did you find anything at 9 that made you go birdie, birdie there?
TIGER WOODS: I just made two putts, and that was about it. To be honest with you, that's basically it. I had a couple other good looks today, and just kind of skirted the edge.

Q. Physically, are you feeling good?
TIGER WOODS: I'm feeling good, feeling real good.

Q. What's the difference, Tiger, with the swing? I mean, the wedges went really sink shot.
TIGER WOODS: The wedges were horrible today. Hey, I hit some shots today that I haven't hit all year either. The solidness of shaped shots, the trajectory. I haven't hit that all year.

Q. Off the tee, you mean?
TIGER WOODS: Irons as well. But I didn't do it consistently at all. It's a starting point. And got to build on it from there.

Q. So encouraged instead of frustrated?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. Like I said, if I take care of the par 5s, I'm right there.

Q. How did the delays play with your game, if at all, today?
TIGER WOODS: You probably couldn't see three worse tee shots on number 4 ever. We had about 36 handicappers teeing off there. The only place you can't miss it is left, and we all hit about 40 yards left of the green.

Q. Cut yourself any slack after the layoff? I mean, typically, you don't. But just wondering if you give yourself any cushion there knowing that you haven't played much.
TIGER WOODS: Like I said, I was encouraged at the way I was able to hit a few of the shots today which I haven't hit all year.
You know, I hit some shots today that the shape, the feel, it felt like it did last year, and I just need to get back to that.

Q. Did the course change throughout the round as it dried up?
TIGER WOODS: It didn't dry up. It didn't dry up at all. No, it was soft all day. And we had to worry about spinning the ball back too much.
It's hard. You get such easy, soft shots with the wedge, and Jason and I were -- and Stricker were caught between clubs, and you had to go with the big one to hit it real easy.

Q. Tiger, is it important to hit four rounds -- I know you always tee it up to win. But important to play four rounds going into Pebble?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely, Robert. And I haven't played. This is my tenth round of the year. Usually you're like that in January. I'm there in June. I need competitive rounds. Hopefully I can get myself to where I can make some birdies and get up there.

Q. This time last year, Rickie Fowler was in the Nationwide Tour, now he's doing well for the first time. I don't know if you've played with him much.
TIGER WOODS: We filmed an EA Sports shoot together. That's about it. I haven't really seen him hit a golf ball.
As I said, I haven't played hardly at all this year. So I've seen it on TV, but I haven't seen it in person yet. Just like when I played with Rory yesterday, it's totally different watching someone in person hit shots. One day hopefully I'll see him hit shots.

Q. Tiger, you'll be back out here in less than 12 hours. How do you expect to feel physically with such a quick turnaround?
TIGER WOODS: It's one of the reasons I stay in shape.

Q. I mean, with your neck.
TIGER WOODS: It's fine.

Q. You told us you'd been sore after workouts.
TIGER WOODS: That's after long days of practice. This is 18 holes. It's one of the reasons I played so much when I was at home to test it. I played 54 holes in one day to see how it would feel, and I didn't have any problems with it.
It's going out there and hitting 500, 700 balls in a day. That's where you take the pounding. So this is an easy day.

Q. Tiger, two things real quick. What did you think of the commercial? Apparently, it got released today on the Internet, the EA commercial.
TIGER WOODS: We did a bunch of them actually, a bunch of different spots. I don't know which one was released.

Q. I don't know. They just told me.
TIGER WOODS: I don't know which one was released.

Q. Did you do one with Rory? Might have been that one?
TIGER WOODS: No. It was Rickie, Poulter and Molinari.

Q. There was a lot of focus on the errant tee shots, but some of the wedges today, 11 --
TIGER WOODS: All my wedges today.

Q. Talk about what happened there.
TIGER WOODS: I was kind of between clubs. They're perfect sand wedge numbers, but I can't hit a sand wedge. So it's going to rip. I had to hit little wedges. I don't have the feel for it yet. I hit terrible shots. That's just the way it goes.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, if I'm ten yards closer, it's a normal sand wedge. Or ten yards further back, it's a normal wedge.

Q. Shot that you were happiest with today? Shot where you said, yeah, that's what I'm looking for.
TIGER WOODS: Probably the release fade I hit on 9 today. That was a sweet shot. Low 7 iron, took something off it, but I released it and hit a fade, which was proper arc, proper release. It felt nice.

Q. Said you know that guy?
TIGER WOODS: He's in there somewhere.

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