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May 22, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. You seemed to be very close to putting something very special together, but maybe just a couple of loose shots today cost you?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, wasn't quite the Robert Karlsson 62, was it. Yeah, it was very difficult out there, and I think the scores have shown that today. You know, I feel like I struggled a little bit with the swing. You know, I got on the wrong side of the hole a couple of times coming in.
I'm happy I'm still in striking distance, but it's going to require something fairly solid tomorrow to see what happens.

Q. Having seen Robert Karlsson shooting that spectacular round, were you maybe trying to force it a little bit knowing had there were birdies potentially out there.
PAUL CASEY: No, it's just a very special round of golf we've seen there. I think he went out -- you'd have to ask Robert, but I think he went out with sort of no expectations, just thought he would sort of fire at stuff and he's an incredible player and shown what he can do.
But that's something very special because this is a very difficult golf course. Those are the sort of numbers we were used to seeing from the West Course here at Wentworth, and I'll be very impressed if he does it again tomorrow. But whoever does that tomorrow in sort of the final few groups is going to be the one that comes through.

Q. 2-under par through 11 holes, all seemed to be going well; what changed for you over the last seven?
PAUL CASEY: It's very difficult out there. I struggled a little bit with the ball-striking, and I got penalised for it, simple as that. Missed a couple of greens on the wrong side and just a couple of fairways and that was it. It's very easy to make bogeys out there. I'm very happy I'm still in touch, though. Nobody has really gone too far ahead.
You know, it shows how -- I think anything can happen coming down the stretch tomorrow. This has changed a lot, and guys are maybe hanging on -- your Honor less somebody goes out and does another Robert Karlsson and shoots a 62, this will go down to the wire.

Q. How do you go about a game plan in the final round five behind Chris Wood?
PAUL CASEY: It patience, unfortunately. You know, if he doesn't make any mistakes tomorrow and putts together a nice sort of clean, tidy, couple-under-par, it's his, simple as that. You know, some of us will be hoping he doesn't do that, but we can't worry about him. He is out of our control.
Got to take care of our own rounds, and if he does make a mistake, we'll be the ones right there trying to take advantage of it. If he keeps playing the golf he's been playing, I think maybe it's done and dusted.

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