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May 21, 2010

Jordan Spieth


Q. What was it like getting up early ready to go this morning?
JORDAN SPIETH: Got to bed a little late because we were running around trying to get some clothes, because my cad caddie and I stayed here. So we got to sleep late, woke up at 5:45, slept fine, I felt comfortable today. I didn't feel -- I felt a little pumped up, but I wouldn't say I was nervous at all today.

Q. Birdies at 7 and 9. Talk about those holes.
JORDAN SPIETH: Well, 7, everyone expects to birdie 7. I had a 5-iron, and hit it into a bad lie over there, then just kinda tried to make it routine, just a simple little putt.
And then 9 was a bonus. I was in the rough, I didn't know how far the ball was up and, you know, just trusted my wedge, and then on the putt, simple putt, getting it going and hope that it rolls true, and it did. Exciting to see it go in.

Q. Did that putt move at all?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it was a right edge putt, yeah.

Q. How did you feel about your first round?
JORDAN SPIETH: Better than I expected. I could look back and talk about opportunities that I missed, but my up and down on 7 and on 4, I would get up and down -- most people get up and down 1 out of 10 times; I just kinda hung in there for a while, at least early today, 4 and 5, I really just had to hang in there and get a couple crucial up and downs, and I think that was big.

Q. How big do you think the conditions may be? They're calm and you're going right back out.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, especially after finishing up like I did. I feel comfortable right now with my putter, which is not what I was feeling yesterday, so hopefully I can carry the momentum, after a little break, just pretend like it's a long wait on a tee box, see if we can go back out and keep it going.

Q. Tell me about the scene on 10. You were looking forward to that tee shot.
JORDAN SPIETH: It was into the breeze, and I didn't expect a roar when they announced my name, and there was a roar, and I was like -- kinda took me aback for a second. Then I stood up there, and I was just as nervous as I've ever been over a shot all my life, so I just kinda trusted it, take it back, swing through, routine, hyped up, it was nice to get off to a good start.

Q. How did it feel to get that 2-putt par?
JORDAN SPIETH: I was disappointed. I hit a sand wedge into the green; I wanted to make a birdie. But I left it short on the lie, and getting through it and the tee shot on 11 out of the water early in the round was really nice.

Q. Congratulations.

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