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May 7, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. In all seriousness, it looks like you did make the cut, so you're playing the weekend. Feel good?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I wasn't quite as sharp today as I was yesterday. As I was saying to Steve over there, I was just kind of outside that birdieable range with my iron shots. I was just hitting the ball 20 feet every hole. If I could get another five feet or so closer or 10 feet closer then those putts, you feel like you could pour all of them in.
But I just seemed to be outside that range where there were more lag putts than putts I could take a run at.

Q. You come here to win, but when you look at the numbers, Lee's got it to 12-ish or something like that, do you go into the weekend in win mode or do you go in to kind of taking those steps that you're trying to take mode?
TIGER WOODS: Well, you're this far back, it's still a process. You've still got to put together 36 good holes and see what happens. Hopefully, this golf course will toughen up a little bit, but I think, what, Lee's 10-under for the day, I think? Or whatever it is, 7? That's pretty good.

Q. Why is it (Indiscernible)?
TIGER WOODS: Probably don't want to turn the switch on.

Q. If no one turned the switch on then, are you surprised that they didn't?
TIGER WOODS: Very surprised. We're holding 5-irons and shots on 8 with 3-irons are holding. You would think that they'd be a little bit more springy than that.

Q. Did you say you tried to stop the driver?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, the 3-wood I hit there on 14. I tried to stop. I got to the point where I was actually past that point and I couldn't stop anymore.

Q. Point of no return?

Q. Overall comments of your day?
TIGER WOODS: Overall I felt like I hit it not quite as good as I did yesterday. I felt like I putted better, but unfortunately I was just a little bit too far away from the holes.

Q. At 14, at what point do you know it's time to stop?
TIGER WOODS: It's just sometimes I can stop it down here. But I got to the point where physically I couldn't.

Q. Were you out of position?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, yeah. And I tried to stop it, but I was actually at a point where I was so far down that physically I couldn't do it.

Q. Could that have easily gone just as far left?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, uh-huh.

Q. The 12th pond, did you ever think that was in play?
TIGER WOODS: I've been there. I've been there before (smiling).

Q. The Junior Amateur here or what?
TIGER WOODS: No, no, I've been there in practice rounds before (laughing).

Q. How can you play your best competitive golf which is best done with an uncluttered mind when you have so much chaos going on outside the ropes?
TIGER WOODS: You just go out there and play, go out there and play. If I was swinging the club a little bit better, it would be a little bit easier.

Q. How's your knee?
TIGER WOODS: Knee's good.

Q. Any issues at all?
TIGER WOODS: No, zero. Absolutely 100%.

Q. What about the Achilles, does that bother you anymore?
TIGER WOODS: No, I started back running again. Haven't had any swelling. I still feel that I'm still explosive in all my exercises I'm able to do now, which I wasn't doing any of that last year. So it feels good.

Q. Does any of that bother you from a golf practice standpoint?
TIGER WOODS: Last year it did, last year it did, yeah. Last year I didn't practice as much because I couldn't. The Achilles wouldn't allow me to.

Q. If you were sharper right now, would you be looking at this deficit different going into the weekend?
TIGER WOODS: No, no, it's the same. It's the same. Got to keep plodding along, and this golf course, anything can happen. You know that. There are guys that can make threes and guys that can make sixes on out here on the same hole.

Q. How about the 9th hole, two days in a row, really good driving. Is that what you're working for right now? I don't want to say this is a swing change, but whatever you're working on it, looks like a little draw?
TIGER WOODS: This one today I cut it because I was trying to get down a little bit further because the pin was up front.

Q. Is that what you're working towards? It seems like a little bit different.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, when I'm swinging well, I'm drawing the ball, then I have no problem fading it. At Augusta, I was fading the ball with no chance of drawing the golf ball. So I want to get back to where I was.

Q. Where are you in that process? Have you just started it basically?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, just started it, yeah.

Q. Are you starting to get the feeling that you're starting to hit shots though?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. If you look at most of my shots into the greens are all pin-high again. That's just feel. That's just time of being under the gun, how far each ball's going, how amped I am, you know, when I'm playing. Getting used to having adrenaline in my system playing. These are things that I haven't had a in a long time.

Q. The anything can happen on this golf course sentiment, does that element not exist if the golf course is this soft? Is it not as dangerous?
TIGER WOODS: It's not as springy on the greens, no doubt. The fairways, whether -- they don't get too hard, too fast here, but it's the greens. When they get a little springy, it gets tough.

Q. The other day you talked about watching Rory last weekend. Obviously he came from being on the cut line to playing so well on the weekend. Do you take some motivation from that and see that it can be done, of course?
TIGER WOODS: I'd take his scores on the weekend, that would work (smiling).

Q. As a follow-up to my earlier question, how do you juggle this where you can't even recognize feelings, with like talk therapy where it's all about examining your feelings?
TIGER WOODS: You just go out there. It's about competing and playing. It's something I've done my entire life.

Q. Why did you try to stop your swing at 14?
TIGER WOODS: I was in a bad spot. I was in a bad spot. It was not the spot I wanted to be in to hit the shot I wanted to hit and I was trying to stop. By the time I realized I was in that spot, I physically couldn't do it.

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