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May 6, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. Tiger, what do you come away with kind of grinding today and scrambling a little on the front? Is 70 a good score for what you had out there today?
TIGER WOODS: I left a few shots out there. I didn't make any putts today at all. I only made three birdies today. I had myself in there on a few chances in there to make some putts, make some birdies and didn't really do it.

Q. How many drivers today, Tiger?
TIGER WOODS: 9 and 11. There you go. That and 16.

Q. How many would you normally hit around here?
TIGER WOODS: About that, so nothing changed.

Q. What happened with that 3-wood on 7?
TIGER WOODS: I got stuck behind me, and I threw it to try and save it so I didn't hit the ball in the right trees and hit it straight up in the air and I could probably catch it.

Q. Do you recall the last time you had hit two woods on a par-4?
TIGER WOODS: Last week. Yeah, hit some bad shots last week (laughing).

Q. So you laid up there so you had the yardage?
TIGER WOODS: I wanted to have a full 5-wood in there. I wanted the angle.

Q. You went up to the greens and probably hit a good drive with that 3-wood?
TIGER WOODS: The thing is that 5-wood was intended to be left. I had an angle to chip. I wasn't even thinking about that flag.

Q. In terms of last week, obviously, maybe one of your worst rounds ever as a professional, was it important for you to come back for yourself to have a good, steady round today?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely, this is a big event. This is a huge event. I've felt like I've done some good work this week even though reports are I was hitting all over the lot. But I was working on a few things. I was very comfortable with what I was working towards, and I was very excited about what was happening. It was just a matter of doing it in competition, and I did it today.

Q. Are you amused to see all of us reporting that there are X-number of balls in the water on practice rounds? Obviously there is a lot of scrutiny.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I don't see any other players get that. I'm sure there are other players that have been in the water here.

Q. How much of a process has this been for you, and how long will it be in terms of where you're at?
TIGER WOODS: I've played six competitive rounds in about seven months, so it's one of those things where it takes time to get into the rhythm of competing and it takes tournaments. And I haven't had a lot of tournaments under my belt.
Most guys have played close to double digit tournaments by now. This is my third.

Q. I wanted to ask you about that. Each year you typically start at Torrey Pines. What is the difference when you start at Torrey, and a place you love and play well at, to not start at Torrey? Is that psychological as much as physical?
TIGER WOODS: I missed basically three months of competing in there. I normally play, I guess, it would be February. And then I usually go over to Dubai and play, and play the Match Play, play the Florida Swing. So I've got some tournaments under my belt before I get to the Masters and then get here. I've only had six rounds, so it's not a lot.

Q. Are you talking about the par save on 12 and how difficult that was?
TIGER WOODS: That was a hit-and-hope on the second one there. I felt like I could get a club on it. Went over to a bush behind me and tried it. I felt like I could get steep enough and get a club on it. Decided to go for it and try it.

Q. Getting back to coming off the 79, are you beyond a point where you need to get a good round to get your confidence going, get momentum going? Even at your level is that of importance?
TIGER WOODS: I felt I was doing good on what I was working on in the practice rounds here. As I said, I was building towards this. And that was one of the things I was pleased about. Yesterday I had a really good day, really good practice session afterwards, and felt like I was headed in the right direction for today.

Q. Coming off 15, what did you think you could get out of this round? You were 3-under at that point.
TIGER WOODS: Realistically, probably 4. If just drive the ball on the fairway there, you could probably make birdie. 17 is kind of -- you're not going to go for that flag, even though I kind of held it a little too much against the wind. I was trying not to hit it there. I was trying to hit the ball 10 feet left of the hole. Then 18, just try to make your par.

Q. There has been a lot of chatter in the last day or two about Hank. Can you tell us where that stands?
TIGER WOODS: Hank and I talk every day, so nothing's changed. According to the press, I've fired him five times by now over the course of my four years or whatever it was, six years?

Q. You don't blame him for anything that's gone wrong in your game, just playing six, seven rounds of golf?
TIGER WOODS: As I said, I've played six rounds in seven months. I need rounds under my belt.

Q. What are you working on to get that club back out in front of you? It looks a little different than it did with what you were doing in Augusta. Actually today looks a little different?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I feel I can draw the ball now. At Augusta, I couldn't draw the ball at all. I was just kind of scrapping it with kind of a cut and trying to get it around.
When I'm swinging well, I'm maneuvering that ball from right to left and it feels good.

Q. So you figured this out yourself?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, yeah.

Q. The shot on 18, you just barely missed what you were going to do there?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, the wind just got it. It was a good 5-wood and it was a low burner, and the wind just smoked it out there. It wasn't a bad shot at all.

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