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April 1, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. Paul, I know you're disappointed not being able to defend your title here at the Shell Houston. Just talk a little bit about that and about your injury.
PAUL CASEY: Completely separate from what I had before. So I'm not -- I'm not overly worried, but I think at some point the left shoulder and the first rib on the left side isn't moving correctly. And the muscles around it have locked up, and I'm not able to get the club into position I need to be to swing it properly and hit the golf ball.
Tried to play yesterday, but it is what it is, and, you know, I'm visibly disappointed not to be going out there and playing today. But I've got to worry about, you know, it's, you know, the rest of the season.
After last year's experience trying to play through an injury, I tried to do that one, two weeks, it ended up costing me six months. So the last thing I can afford is to try and push it and cost myself any more time.

Q. Hopefully it's just a one-week thing. Looking toward next week, what's it, take a day or so off?
PAUL CASEY: I won't hit golf balls for at least a couple days. I'll stay here and get the best treatment I can with the guys on-site here in the physio van. They're great. They got all the equipment in there that I need and just get them to keep an eye on it and treating it for two days. They know what the problem is. Yeah. Keep looking at it and keep taking care of it and -- but, unfortunately, that's what I have to do.

Q. Your left shoulder?
PAUL CASEY: Left shoulder. Last year was torn intercostals and obliques in the tenth rib. This is up on the left side. Feels like a pinched sort of, pinched kind of -- the rhomboid, left shoulder. Difficulty moving the hands, rotating the neck. Very, very tight in the neck and shoulders. And, yeah, just not able to get the club all the way back there, and I can't release it coming through.

Q. All right. Get healthy and play well next week.
PAUL CASEY: Thank you very much.

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