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March 28, 2010

Michelle Wie West


MIKE SCANLAN: What happened with the 2-stroke penalty?
MICHELLE WIE: I thought it looked differently than -- they interpreted it differently than what I felt. I knew that I did ground the club, that was a fact, but that was the only fact.
I did call for a ruling; I knew I did that, but at the same time I knew that I felt off-balance. I closed my eyes when I hit the shot and I ground my club so I wouldn't fall into the water. I was wearing a white skirt.
You know, that happens, I accept it. I accept the fact that it is a penalty stroke, you ground a club in the water hazard, that happens, but the fact is that, you know, I felt like I was off-balance, and that's why I grounded the club, and they ruled, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Q. Did you appeal it? How does that process work?
MICHELLE WIE: I definitely appealed it because they were basing the penalty on what it looked like. They never really asked me how I felt, so it felt a little unfair in that sense, but they make the rules so -- there is only so much I could do.

Q. How much do you think it affected your round?
MICHELLE WIE: I don't think it affected it much. I was a bit mad, but I thought I played solidly. There were a couple of shots that didn't go my way, but I felt like it was a solid round.

Q. Do you think you had a shot to win at the time of the penalty?
MICHELLE WIE: I thought it was unfair that they put my score as a penalty stroke on the leaderboard, because I was making birdies, and I could have maybe put some more pressure on her, but it happens.

Q. Michelle, how would you sum up your thoughts about this tournament?
MICHELLE WIE: I thought it was a really fun event. KIA put on a grade-A event, and it was awesome, and we had a lot of fun playing it.
I think all the players enjoyed coming down here, the weather was awesome, the fans are great, and I was thankful to KIA for putting on such a nice event, and I felt like I had a lot of fun and I played okay.

Q. Michelle, given your history with the rules, do you feel kind of snake-bit?
MICHELLE WIE: It's always the kind of thing, oh, it always happens to me, but it's Murphy's Law, I guess.
MIKE SCANLAN: Thanks, Michelle.

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