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March 26, 2010

Hee Kyung Seo


HEATHER DALY-DONOFRIO: We're here with Hee Kyung Seo from South Korea. Congratulations on a fabulous afternoon round of 5-under to take the early lead. Can you comment about your round and how your play was?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Okay. Today the shot was great, but I missed a couple of short putts in the front nine, 8 and 9 holes. It was 1-meter putts, but I think I could make another chance in back nine, so I just confidence and trying to concentrate on my shots and game so, yeah, I feel so good.

Q. This is your sixth LPGA tournament. You played five tournaments last year. Were you comfortable coming to play another event?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Yes, I think it was great experience last year to play in the LPGA Tour, so I feel comfortable and feel like Korea.

Q. What would you say is the difference of the level in competition on the Korean Tour and this Tour?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Course condition is very different, the grass is different from Korea to here and the pace of play, Korea is a little bit slow, so we have to wait maybe every hole, but it's nice to play here.
The KLPG players are very good players, too, but in here lots of foreign players come here to play, and, yeah, that's the difference, I think.

Q. You've won 11 times in the last two years over there. Would it mean more to win one here?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Well, actually every tournament my goal is to win, so it's a little different from Korea to here, but if I get win here, I can get a card of tournament in here, so that's very big.

Q. Is that one of your goals, to play the LPGA Tour?
HEE KYUNG SEO: I don't know, I just think -- I just don't think about another Tour now, but I have to decide where do I play, but if I win here, that's the decision, I think.

Q. Michelle Wie shot a 67 today, played very well, she is obviously lurking. Is that one of the players you may be paying particular attention to behind you, going into the weekend?
HEE KYUNG SEO: I played with Michelle just once last year in Korea, and she hits very long, so if I see her to play, it's very exciting, and it will be exciting to be playing with her tomorrow.
But I don't mind -- I don't care about the other players, I just concentrate on my game.

Q. Hee Kyung, kind of player are you? What are your strengths? Are you a great driver, great iron player?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Well, I don't know. It's different with the conditions, but I think iron shots, yeah, I'm strong.

Q. How do you like the golf course at La Costa?
HEE KYUNG SEO: It's beautiful, and I like the house in the course. If I get lots of money, I want to buy it. (Chuckles.) But the green is very soft, so it's easy to get to the pin, but the rough is long and strong, so I think we have to keep the fairway, and if I keep the fairways, it's easier to shoot the green.

Q. Who is the role model on the Tour for you?
HEE KYUNG SEO: I like Juli Inkster. When I started to play golf I watched the LPGA in Korea, on the TV, and I saw Juli. I think she's enjoying golf, and I think she's a good mother.
Some of the Korean players not getting married and don't have babies because of golf, but I want to be like Juli.

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