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March 21, 2010

Bubba Watson


Q. Tough to run down a guy like Jim Furyk but looks like he's having some trouble on the 18th hole?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, you know, he had a big lead starting the day. It was going to be tough for me to catch him unless the weather was really bad and I started out hot, I got to 11-under through 11. I played good but it's hard catching somebody that's all three-up or so starting the day.

Q. You birdied the three par 5s right away, you let 14 slip, but that was a bad lie over there on the third shot.
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, yeah. I was over in the trees anyway so I should have a bad lie, couldn't really make any good contact on it and just shot it across the green.

Q. You shoot 68 on the day when the field average is almost 72, I know you're disappointed but do you feel there is anything else you could have done today? Only one bogey?
BUBBA WATSON: You know, I got up-and-down in some places I shouldn't have. I got one bogey back there on the par 3, it was all in all a great day, I was down three starting the day, and I tried to make a charge, and I just didn't make any coming down the stretch.
You know, the key for me was just hitting the fairways so I could hit the greens. My irons were always pretty good. Just hitting the fairways was the hard part. Today I hit the fairways and I had my chances.

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