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March 5, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. When you get on a good run you seem to be kind of a momentum player?
PAUL CASEY: I can be sometimes. I like to go low. It is absolutely perfect out here today though. It was very cold this morning for guys teeing off but right now these are great scoring conditions. If guys are rolling some putts, you can expect to see some low numbers.
First time I saw this golf course was on Wednesday, and I knew the finishing holes -- I enjoy what I see out there. It's a good golf course, it's strong. It requires you to do a lot with the golf ball and pay attention all the way through. Is it.

Q. Padraig was saying that it is in the ballpark of toughest course outside of the majors.
PAUL CASEY: I haven't thought about it really.

Q. As the golf course making you think your way through, and no room to miss much?
PAUL CASEY: It depends what Padraig's definition of the best golf course outside of majors, does he mean tough? Then yes, maybe.

Q. It might not be enjoyable, though?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it's very, very tough, not necessarily enjoyable, but that's what we require out here.

Q. Can you take us through your round, did you do anything different or one more day you know the golf course better?
PAUL CASEY: I hit some golf balls on the range last night when it was getting dark, and it's all kind of -- how do I describe it. Stuff left over from when I injured myself, and so not staying in the shot and coming out of it -- I feel good, but it's not quite a hundred percent. My body is still getting stiff. So I went on the range and just hit some golf balls. I actually wore a heat jacket today on the back just to help me.

Q. Where were your birdies?
PAUL CASEY: 14, driver, 5-iron and made a putt from about six feet left-to-right.
No. 15, hit 6-iron to six inches, tap-in birdie.
No. 16, driver in the left bunker, 6-iron from whatever, 190-ish to 15, 18 feet.
No. 1, pitching wedge to four feet.
No. 3, driver, left rough, 5-iron right of the green, free drop, pitched up to 12 feet from the hole.
6, 3-wood, pushed it right behind a tree, pitched out to the middle of the fairway and pitching wedge from 114 to the front bunker and bunker shot from about three feet.
9, 3-wood centre of the fairway, 9-iron from 145 to six feet.

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