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February 20, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. You played until dark. It was cold and wet, and now you're out here at dawn. Are you tired?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I'm tired. But, you know, it's amazing what a little bit of adrenalin will do. And the opportunity to get myself into a final and play for the WGC title. So, you know, that kind of carries you through. You don't worry about the fatigue in the legs and the back getting a little tight. You just kind of play through it and focus on the ultimate goal.

Q. How do you put what's happened behind you, a chance to win, not only for yourself, but for Camilo, how do you guys put that behind you? Specifically since I'm talking to you, you had that chance and now you're out at 7:09 playing?
PAUL CASEY: I'm not sure I can explain that in a short period of time. But match play, anybody that's played match play understands that you really have to forget about the shot you just played instantly and move on to the next. And I must admit I thought the match was over there when we stood on that 14th green. Camilo had a short putt. The light was -- I don't know what it looked like on TV, but there was nothing out there, it was pitch black. We both made mistakes, we both had opportunities.
We both want to win this match and be in the final. But maybe in a little way it's kind of fair that we X out tomorrow morning and we've got fresh greens and fresh legs and go at it again.

Q. Final thought. Is it hard not to be looking toward the finals because that's the ultimate goal? How do you guard against not moving forward here, even though if you don't win you don't move forward, but obviously Sunday usually means championship?
PAUL CASEY: It does. You know, you don't get ahead of yourself. It is kind of the carrot that's dangling out in front of you, which is urging you on and giving your energy on long, long days.
But everybody out here has played in this tournament this week is very capable of staying in the present and not getting ahead of themselves and that's what you have to do. You know, I think I can speak for Camilo, I don't think he was thinking about, I'm in the final, and that's why he missed that putt. It was just very, very bad light and one got away from him. I'm sure he was staying in the present and we get to go do it all again tomorrow. It would have been much nicer if we could have stayed inside for a few hours and say, okay, we get to come out tomorrow and tee it up.

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