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February 17, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. Nice big one today, what was the story of that match?
PAUL CASEY: Got off to a very good start. I got a little bit lucky, as well. I started off par, birdie, birdie, and that was good enough for 3-up through three. And from there it was -- Stephen is a fun guy to play with but didn't put that much pressure on me, I feel fortunate to get the first round out of the way.

Q. 5-up through ten holes, do you change the game plan?
PAUL CASEY: You've really got to focus, you can't give an inch, otherwise every guy out there will take a mile. And coming down for the finish, 14 or something like that, it's a case of let's make birdie here, because he snuck it in close. He could do anything. He could make birdie, he could blow it, he could go bonkers and push me all the way to 18 or win the match. I was happy to finish off with birdie on the last and I'll have some lunch.

Q. Three wins by the end of May last year, and then the injury. How do you feel about the prospects of the year now?
PAUL CASEY: I feel great. I don't feel any restrictions on the golf course right now. That's obviously nice when it's beautiful weather like this. There's not a shot where I have to back off and worry about it anymore. That's great. A good feeling. I've still got to look after the body and be very cautious, and keep it well maintained, but I feel great.
I'm looking forward to kind of getting stuck in this year. There's no reason why 2010 can't be as good a year as 2009. The main thing is to stay fit and healthy and have say long season.

Q. Mike Weir, he was on fire today, your thoughts on that one?
PAUL CASEY: I heard lots of roars coming behind us.

Q. Nine birdies in ten holes. He's used them all up (laughter)?
PAUL CASEY: Hope he watches the Olympics tonight and gets tired. That's very impressive. I think I have to be prepared for Mike Weir to come out and do the same tomorrow.
With this format it's not like straight play where you see guys go low one day and maybe they struggle the next. If a guy is playing well, he's going to continue to play well, that's my feeling. I have to play good golf against Mike Weir tomorrow and see what happens.

Q. (Inaudible.)
PAUL CASEY: I don't know, I've often thought about it. I've always been someone who can make lots of birdies, and occasionally throws in a mistake or two. That's not as damaging in match play as it is in stroke play. I feel -- I think you don't worry about the consequences as much in match play, so maybe you take on a drive or something. You don't have to get all of them right, but if you get the majority of them right it's going to put you in a nice position, big advantage.

Q. (Inaudible.)
PAUL CASEY: I think this week -- Mike Weir has obviously gone bananas. There are a couple of bunkers you can take out of play. But they've moved the tees around today, which is quite clever.
If you get the right shot you can be up by 40 yards.

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