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February 4, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. When you teed off 4-under was set as the clubhouse lead, what was your mind-set going out?
PAUL CASEY: That was very good. I thought anything under par actually was very good. It's extremely tough. I was 1-over through the front nine and to be honest, I would have easily taken anything under par. Would have very happily taken anything under par.
And as we stand here right now, I feel a bit frustrated with 3-under. Two of those birdies were 2-putt birdies on par 5s, and I played great on the back nine. Probably very tired, made a few mistakes but overall happy to be in contention.

Q. How do you feel coming into this week after a really good first three rounds last week and then a disappointing last round?
PAUL CASEY: Knackered. Probably a little over-keen with the scheduling to be honest. Was very busy in Abu Dhabi, had a lot of stuff to do there, you know, with sponsors and with the tournament. And another busy week in Qatar, same thing. And to be honest, exhausted, even on Monday of this week, I was back up in Abu Dhabi doing more stuff on the links course up there.
So it's been hectic. Has not been great preparation for this. You know, I was talking on the putting green with Mr. Kinnings, who is standing over there, you know, just explaining, very, very tired and really not sort of putting any pressure on myself this week. Just going to go with the flow and see what happens.

Q. Looking forward to going out on fresh greens and making some birdies?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it will be nice. Hopefully it's not as dusty and not as much stuff in the air. But if we get really good conditions, I feel that the guys who have just finished or finishing right now have a bit of an advantage.
I've heard the winds are going to continue this week, possibility of rain; don't know where it's coming from but who knows. But fresh greens, but some numbers on the board and let the guys who play in the afternoon chase us.

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