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December 6, 2009

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: It was nice to finish a tournament. Kind of disappointed now I gotta stop for four weeks.

Q. Just when you were getting going.
PAUL CASEY: Just when I was getting going, yeah.

Q. Kind of sum up the week. Was there any trepidation wondering how it was going to react over 72 holes and how do you feel now?
PAUL CASEY: I feel great now. It actually started to get a little stiff on -- what's the par-3? 15 today? That was the first I sort of noticed it.
But it did really well. I felt it -- you know, every morning I felt it when I woke up and in the evenings, but on the golf course it's been great, and I've not backed off on a single shot. You know, stuff in the rough, which was really good.
I didn't necessarily take great shots this week. You know, I came out of a lot of stuff and hit things right. Like yesterday, those errors, those doubles, that was flaming outright.

Q. Those were just bad shots, though.
PAUL CASEY: Bad shots.

Q. As opposed to like in China where you would be tentative.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah. Yesterday it was just bad shots because it was kind of -- when it was hurting, I was really coming out of everything, and it was hurting, and I was flinching almost. And yesterday was just a little remnants of that sort of poor form.

Q. Next step, four weeks off?
PAUL CASEY: Kapalua.

Q. Going to Kapalua?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah. I figure I -- I want to and I should as well. First time being qualified for that. I think it's only right.
And then a week off. I can't stay for Sony because I gotta go do Middle East for three weeks, which is what I always do. It's nice now that we've actually got the weekend between, because like Geoff Ogilvy said yesterday, he couldn't quite figure out how to get from Hawaii to Abu Dhabi.

Q. Could you imagine us trying to ask Boo Weekley that question last year?
PAUL CASEY: What did he say?

Q. I don't remember. He was like, I ain't know. Somewhere. Which direction do you go?
PAUL CASEY: It doesn't matter because I go to Phoenix for a week. And then Phoenix, London, London Abu Dhabi.

Q. So you go that way?
PAUL CASEY: Or I might fly to LA and take the direct.

Q. The other direction?
PAUL CASEY: I think direction is Dubai, so I gotta -- whatever.

Q. Whatever.
PAUL CASEY: Nice problem to have, isn't it? I'll go through London because I get to see the parents.

Q. Interestingly enough, Abu Dhabi would probably be your first cut tournament since the Open. Am I missing one?
PAUL CASEY: No, you know, I think you're right. Yeah, what are you suggesting?

Q. A lot of pressure there. Just what a funny schedule it's been for you basically is what I'm suggesting.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah. I haven't even finished the ones with no cut. You know when a guy is injured when he doesn't finish the stuff with no cut, and free money.

Q. How much does this help you confidence wise?
PAUL CASEY: This week?

Q. Is it a big deal this week?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah. No, it is. As Doug said, I was wondering how it was going to react, but I was also wondering what kind of golf I was going to play, and you know, it was shaky the first few days. I showed moments of form, and then I'd ruin it by hitting bad shots.
And today was an illustration that, you know, it was -- yeah, it hasn't disappeared, which it was really nice. More than sort of moving up the leaderboard, it was just nice today for my own confidence to -- I think I kept the bogey off the card as well.
I missed a short putt on the par-5. Actually I missed a short putt on 2 for birdie and I missed a very short putt, about that long on the -- was it fifth or sixth?

Q. Fifth.
PAUL CASEY: Fifth, the par-5 there. I was on the green in two and three-putted from about 20 feet, I thought awe. And then from there it was great. It was really good stuff. So that was great.

Q. 8-under 64 ties the low final round at this Sherwood.
PAUL CASEY: Luke Donald has an 8-under final round, I believe, doesn't he? Maybe it was his brother on the bag.

Q. Bigger shape that day, I think.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, he won.

Q. Did he win it with that? Came from Dubai in to do it.
PAUL CASEY: Won by one. Christian was reminding me of that. I go, yeah, but we're 12 behind. So (laughs).

Q. You seemed to struggle at the par-3s this week.

Q. Want to talk about that a little bit?
PAUL CASEY: No, not really (laughs). No, not really. Yeah, just -- yeah, a bit of confidence of not having quite the confidence in the swing and the ball striking. But that comes with playing tournaments. Yeah. You know, it is what it is.

Q. Swing golf is the last today, though.
PAUL CASEY: Today was great. You know, it's -- yeah, I gotta take the good out of this week, and there was a lot of it, a lot of birdies, couple of eagles. Almost made an albatross today. You might even see that on TV, Doug. Stuck it to like that on the 11th.

Q. I'd be impressed but Camilo actually made one.
PAUL CASEY: When, today?

Q. Uh-huh.
PAUL CASEY: What hole? Did he? 13.

Q. 3-wood, 5-wood. Hit a great drive, so it was just right short of it.

Q. Uh-huh.
PAUL CASEY: You stole my thunder. I was thinking I might get maybe one of the shots of the day. No. Don't even have that.

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