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November 13, 2009

Paula Creamer


PAULA CREAMER: Driver, 5-wood, 85 yards to about nine feet.
4, driver, 6-iron, maybe 40 feet.
6, 7-iron, to about nine feet, eight feet.
Bogey 14. Driver, wedge over the green, maybe a 25-footer.
17, 7-wood over the right and chipped in.
MIKE SCANLAN: All right, Paula, nice round. Tied for second right now, three shots off the lead, if you would just talk about your day, obviously things went pretty well for you.
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, today I started off really strong on the front nine. Not so much on the back nine, but I still gave myself opportunities. It just was unfortunate I couldn't make as many putts as I wanted on the back.

Q. You have one bogey the last 33 holes, how do you feel about going into the weekend and your keeping mistakes away from your scorecard?
PAULA CREAMER: I've been hitting the ball really well. I'm not -- I haven't quite gained all my distance back off the tee, but it's starting to come back with my irons, and it shows. I haven't missed that many greens in two days, and I just keep trying to give myself as many opportunities with my putter.

Q. Can you talk about the chip-in?
PAULA CREAMER: The chip-in, it was great. If you're going to chip-in, you're going to chip-in on those kind of shots. It's a pretty straightforward bump-and-run. It's always nice when they do go in. It always helps the emotions out there, because of the bogey that I had, I felt like I played a lot better than that, and then the par save on 18, I hit a good shot in there. I just didn't check, which I thought it would, and made about a 5-footer, like you said.

Q. How do you feel when people always say things to you on the golf course --
PAULA CREAMER: It's hard not to hear it. It happens, people are always talking out there to you. It's nice. It definitely makes you feel good and you want to play well in front of everybody, and I've always liked playing in front of a crowd.
So when there's a lot of people out there that are cheering for you, it makes things a little bit easier and kind of pumps you up as well.

Q. What are your expectations on this weekend?
PAULA CREAMER: Well, there's still a lot of golf left. So I'm going to go out the same way I have the past two days and try and make a bunch of birdies and eliminate all of the mistakes that can possibly pop up on this golf course and just keep giving myself chances. That's all you can ask for.

Q. You seemed quite frustrated on the back nine, you weren't putting that well. So how do you manage and how do you deal with those emotions?
PAULA CREAMER: Well, it's hard, especially the last group out there, you're playing with all those shadows. It's a pretty big part, seeing greens, and when you've got all of these things everywhere, it's difficult. And I misread a couple putts.
But I guess it's just one of those things where I made my last birdie on hole six, so from there on, I kept giving myself chances but just wasn't making anything. I probably got a little bit more frustrated than what I should have.

Q. Can you talk about what you've gone through with injuries in the past year?
PAULA CREAMER: How much time do we have? Like from when it started or just this past year? Well, it seemed to always -- I got sick the following Wednesday after Guadalajara, and then that Saturday night, I had to go to the hospital, last year.
And then I was okay, and I had to go to Lexus Cup after that. So for about three weeks I was still pretty sick, like throw up, you can't eat anything, a lot of weight loss. And then I was okay in the off-season and then I got sick in Thailand, I got sick in Singapore. I lost about 15 pounds then. And after that, we played Mexico I think, and then I got sick after that. And it was always the Wednesday, always the Wednesday I would get sick. And it was weird, always the same thing, always like throw up and weight loss.
Then at Kraft, I was really sick at Kraft, and I had three weeks off and I went to the doctor, got all my tests done. And because I'm always on so much antibiotics, they could never find exactly what I was on, but I was always on a steroid, too, so I would gain 20 pounds because of the medication.
But it has pretty much been that, and then I had two injuries. So because of all of the sickness, and because I was weak, and I couldn't work out. And then I got sick one more time, after Solheim Cup. My thumb and my back was bothering me.
MIKE SCANLAN: Thank you.

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