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November 6, 2009

Tiger Woods


LAURA HILL: Tiger, thank you for joining us. Talk about how things are shaping up for the weekend.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, today got off to a good start and birdied the very first hole. But after that, I didn't really make any putts. I had certainly some looks at them and didn't really capitalise on anything. And made a putt at 9 and from then on, I hit a lot of good putts and basically played the last, what, ten holes at 5-under.

Q. You had so many birdie looks early and made pretty much nothing. How much was that getting under your skin and how much did 9 change everything for you?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it certainly was a little bit frustrating, but the guys weren't running off and hiding, either. So you know, I knew if I could just play basically the back nine at 3-under par, which would be 3-under par for the day, I figured that would probably be a pretty good number. And I did a couple better than that.

Q. How is the crowd behaviour today compared to yesterday; many distractions out there? And did something happen on the 13th tee? I was told a security detail had to jump over a barricade and there was some distraction there.
TIGER WOODS: There was some disturbance and distractions today. The marshals and everyone is trying to give us an opportunity to play, which is great. They are doing a great job out there.
But certainly there were some moments that we are going to have to back off, and we kind of did that all day. It is -- you know, it is what it is.

Q. The lead is at 10 right now. How deep do you think you're going to have to go on the weekend, assuming all things are the same, weather, so forth, golf course playing the way it is.
TIGER WOODS: I was surprised at how difficult the pins were today. I think they certainly toughened it up after they saw what we did yesterday. You had to pay attention with some of those pins. You can't really go after just about every pin like you could yesterday.
Consequently the guys didn't go as low, but still there are plenty of opportunities out there, especially when the wind dropped on the back nine. That's when it seemed like everybody was making a bunch of birdies.
I think the weekend, if we get the bad weather coming in on Sunday, it might change things a bit.

Q. Can you, first of all, describe how you played the 8th, and then talk us through the 16th?
TIGER WOODS: 8, I hit driver off the tee, couldn't get there, and laid up with a 7-iron. Hit a sand wedge in there and 2-putted.
And 16, I hit a 4-iron off the tee, sand wedge into the hill and pitched in.

Q. And what's the lie like?
TIGER WOODS: The lie? It was perfect.

Q. How long was the chip?
TIGER WOODS: About 20 feet.

Q. Did you have a chance to brush up your Thai over the last two days, and your thoughts about Thongchai Jaidee, please (laughter).
TIGER WOODS: Did I brush up on my Thai, no, I did not. We spoke English. (Laughter) Yeah, most of the words I know are not the good words.
But yeah, playing with Thongchai, he was just a great guy. I had met him before but I had never played with him. It was nice to get out there and play with him the first two days.

Q. I'm just curious, are you sick at all?
TIGER WOODS: I've had that since The Presidents Cup.

Q. And have you played with Quiros before?
TIGER WOODS: I have not. He was playing right behind us in the PGA this year, the first two days.

Q. He was hitting into you.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. Down the 11th hole, yeah.

Q. So you know what to expect?
TIGER WOODS: No, I've only seen him hit golf balls. Am I playing with him tomorrow? Threesomes tomorrow?
Then, yeah, I'll certainly be hitting first. Probably be about 50 yards back.
LAURA HILL: Tiger, thank you and good luck this week.

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