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November 5, 2009

Lin Wen-Tang


CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: Lin, thanks for joining us, 5-under par 67 today, you must be happy with how you played this morning.
LIN WEN-TANG: This is the third World Golf Championships I've been playing, and I have been learning a lot from what I have done today. I am taking a learning attitude to playing this game for this week, and also I've been trying to keep myself relaxed and also the players are very familiar with each other. Every stroke I've played has been up to satisfactory level, so that's why I'm well played today at 5-under, and I'm happy.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: The front nine, 1-under, but the back nine you just came alive with six birdies, one par, and two bogeys. What changed for you?
LIN WEN-TANG: Well, on the front nine, I tried to keep my standards, but on the back nine, I just became alive. On the 12th hole, I nearly made a hole-in-one. Actually it was a birdie.
And then after the three birdies, on the 13th hole I made a bogey on the par 4, the short par 4. And then on 15, it's actually a par 5, so professional players try to make eagle or birdie or better. On the third shot, I hit it into the bunker and made a bogey. And actually it's quite a strong head wind on the 15th. That's why I left it 110 yards away from the flag.
On 16, the par 4, it's quite a difficult hole, and actually today, I made a lot of putts and then I'm very happy with my putting.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: Does it excite you that your score is the same score as Tiger Woods?
LIN WEN-TANG: I don't know. (Laughter).
I had a very good score today. Because I know this tournament, the superstar, many, many, so I told my caddie, we have the local player, but enjoy the tournament. So today, very good crowd and very good second shot.
Par the 13th hole, put my first shot in the bunker, trouble for bogey, and 14th hole, I hit a very good third shot, but two shots in the bunker, bogey.

Q. Do you find that you look along the range and you see all of those stars there?
LIN WEN-TANG: Yes, because I just spoke to Scott Strange, he said this year why not try the European. Because you know, my English is not good, so because when people go to European -- because my wife stay with me. But I know European now is many, many good players, so my wife told me maybe to try next year.

Q. Are you looking forward to Hong Kong, defending your title?
LIN WEN-TANG: Yeah, I know, but the Hong Kong now, many good players for the Hong Kong Open. I just enjoy the tournament. This year is 51 years, that's a long, long tournament.

Q. You are a very good player and deserve to play yourself?
LIN WEN-TANG: I'm on the Asian Tour a long time and my father told me, because you've played the Asian, many, many tournaments, so I've not escaped.

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