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October 29, 2009

Paul Casey


Q. Your thoughts on a match that didn't turn out as you planned.
PAUL CASEY: I gave him three holes on the front nine. You can't do that against anybody in this field. You're going to find it very difficult if you do that. So a bit frustrating. I didn't hit the golf ball how I wanted to. Just very rusty. Very match rusty.

Q. So coming back from such a long break, what was the most difficult thing to try and recapture?
PAUL CASEY: All of it. Silly little mistakes, but it was nice to be out on the golf course, it's frustrating not to win.
But I hit a good putt on the last there, but Scott hit a good putt on the last, as well. Just one of those things. The good thing is we have two more matches ahead and in the old format we would be done by now and I still got a chance.

Q. What are your thoughts going into these next two matches, you obviously have to win both of them now.
PAUL CASEY: I just want to hit some good golf shots. It was very patchy, the morning's round, so just try and put it together. Anthony Kim this afternoon is going to be very difficult so I just have to get the golf ball in play and try to make as many birdies as I can.

Q. Is the injury limiting you?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it's not hurting, it's just the power certainly isn't there. And I'm finding it difficult to sort of keep the spine angle, stay in the shot and I seem to be coming out of everything. Part of that is it's a little bit tight and part of that is just rusty.

Q. You said yesterday that it gets tired, the muscle, so the longer the day goes on, the more difficult it gets, how do you feel about that now with another 18 to go?
PAUL CASEY: Well, yesterday's Pro-Am took almost six hours so I figure we are not going to be on the golf course for much longer than we were yesterday. If you look at it, you're only hitting, I don't know how many shots, 30, 40 full swings per round, tops, even with practice swings.
So I can do that. Practice sessions, I've hit enough golf balls to get through 36 holes of golf, so I don't see any issues.

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