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October 10, 2009

Phil Mickelson

Sean O'Hair


Q. Well played match today, if there was an ounce of concern of your confidence after maybe a winless first two days --
SEAN O'HAIR: It was. Phil did a great job coaching me through today, which made me feel comfortable and helped me play my game, which was nice. I couldn't have had a better pairing today.

Q. So the putting confidence has clearly come back. How much has it bled back to your regular game and to your partners?
PHIL MICKELSON: Well, I feel so much better on the greens and I feel very good. It's a fun format like this when you're making a few putts. We are excited to have gotten to this point. We are excited to be the first group out and lead it. I think the putt on 13, they were going to get some momentum, they were going to get tap-in birdies and we were going to be 2-down and he knocks it in and that was momentum going in our favor.

Q. Horse racing parlance: You broke your maiden and got your first point for the International Team.
SEAN O'HAIR: Yeah, the 0-2 start didn't feel too good and I was fortunate to have a great pairing today. We just played really well.

Q. A number of big shots, the chip-in for birdie that put your team 2-up at the 9th and a huge point on 13, you kept it so still on that hole; did you ever see it disappear into the hole?
SEAN O'HAIR: No, I did not. Phil was trying to get me to kind of relax a little bit on the greens. I've been a little bit uncomfortable on these greens all week and he said you know what, listen for it to go in the hole and it did luckily.

Q. Doesn't matter who you go out with, it seems you win. In fact, if the Padres need a lead-off hitter --
PHIL MICKELSON: Well, you haven't seen me run. This has been a fun first three matches.
We are excited how it's gone so far. The matches are very close, so it looks like we'll be dead even at the end of today's morning matches. We have to come out this afternoon and try to give us a little bit of momentum heading into the singles so every point is going to be critical.

Q. I know it's fun to make birdies but you took just as much delight in Sean making birdies out there today and him getting his first full point for the United States.
PHIL MICKELSON: I think the most critical putt of the match was the one he made on 13 because they had that gimmie birdie and we had to make that putt or else they are getting a little bit of momentum. He knocks that baby right in the back, it was just a beautiful sight. It was a great feeling. I guess that was on 12. That was the most critical put of the match.

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