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October 9, 2009

Justin Leonard

Phil Mickelson


Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN LEONARD: I was pretty upset when I finished yesterday, but I went in and kind of made a joke about it in the team room, and knowing I needed to come out and play well today. I rode him all the way around and made a couple of putts today, so it felt very good.

Q. How did feel being a teammate?
PHIL MICKELSON: This is a lot of fun. We had a great partnership. He came back after finishing last night the way he wanted to, on the very first hole making a critical putt getting us off to a good start.
When we had a chance on 14 to take control of the match, he rolled that putt right in the back. And when he had a chance to finish it he did. He showed a lot of heart today and it was fun having him as my partner.

Q. 3 & 2 victory, I know you didn't end the opening day matches the way you wanted to, so you opened up with a birdie on the first hole and closed out with a birdie on 16.
JUSTIN LEONARD: It was a lot of fun today and getting a chance to play with Phil, he's a great coach out there and a great teammate. We started talking strategy last night, an hour after I finished my match. So he really helped me mentally get into playing today, and it was nice making that putt at the first hole. Of course, he did have a little 8-footer inside of me, but still nice to get off to a start like that.
PHIL MICKELSON: We had a fun day today, and I just thought it showed a lot of heart on Justin's part to get the match started the way he did, coming out with a birdie and making that critical putt on the first hole.
When we had a chance to take control of the match on 14, he did, he rolled that putt in on the par 3; and we had a chance to close it out on 16 and he knocked that one in, too. I thought it showed a lot of class, a lot of heart.
The shot Adam was incredible, almost went in going forward and almost went in coming back. It wasn't the easiest putt, it was six or seven feet, it wasn't the easiest and I thought if I could get my ball in first, it's even that much tougher when you're trying to make it for the halve. And so it just curled by the edge and we were able to get a 1-up lead there.
JUSTIN LEONARD: I was pretty mad at myself last night. Went to the putting green and hit some putts and cooled off a little bit. Then I told a little joke in the team room to let everybody know that I was okay, and you know, I had Fluff go in and line up some shots at the bar of water. I went in and slammed the door and threw my stuff down and walked straight over to the bar and took these five shots like they were nothing, and then slammed a beer. The beer was real and that tasted really good. But just to kind of let everybody know that I was fine, and that I was ready to come out and play today.

Q. Did they know it was water in the shot glasses?
JUSTIN LEONARD: My wife did. I think it was mostly the girls that saw it.

Q. Did anybody fall for it?
JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah, I think a couple of the wives probably thought, "Wow, he's really into this." But it was all in good fun and I just wanted to show everybody that I was good.
I've wanted to play with Phil for a long time and I think after what happened yesterday, Phil wanted to play with me. Because he's a great coach out there, he's so positive, and he wanted to be the one to help me get through today. You know, I didn't play great, but I played okay, and you know, Phil hit some unbelievable shots out there and I was able to make a couple of putts on the last few holes to help us along.
But it was a lot of fun playing with him.

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