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October 8, 2009

Anthony Kim

Phil Mickelson


Q. What turned it around?
PHIL MICKELSON: AK's wedge shot. We just needed one little thing to go our way, hit a shot in there three feet and we made a putt and that kind of carried us through. We ended up birdieing those last four holes, but we needed something to ignite us and that wedge shot to three feet sure did the trick.
ANTHONY KIM: That's very nice of him to say but we all know that I got the weight of about 400 pounds out there on the first couple of holes and Phil did a great job of picking me up and we stayed positive.

Q. Great way to finish it off with four straight birdies.
ANTHONY KIM: It was a good match. Phil obviously played great. I was a little heavy on the front nine but he picked me up and fortunately I had some opportunities to perform on the last couple of holes and we really hung in there.

Q. And it was a wedge you hit into the 13th hole, you're one down and you hit it to three feet and convert that.
PHIL MICKELSON: That was the one that kick started us. We were kind of floundering a little bit there for the first nine, ten holes and when we got that wedge shot to get close, we made a birdie. He hit a 7-iron shot and gave us a putt out on the next hole and that wasn't an easy shot with that crosswind off the water. He hit a tremendous 7-iron and we were fortunate to get that putt to drop and birdie the next two.
We needed something to ignite us and that wedge shot did the trick.

Q. You had that look walking into the putt at the 14th from about 20 feet or so and you just nailed it.
PHIL MICKELSON: I've been feeling so good with the putter coming in here after THE TOUR Championship win and putting there and working with Stockton; I saw him yesterday for a few minutes to make sure it was on. I just wanted a few looks at it, and I had a couple of looks early, didn't get them to go and I felt like I was due and that putt on 14 was key for me.

Q. What happened on the 6th hole? You won with a bogey.
ANTHONY KIM: We were just trying to get done and hopefully darkness didn't come before we finished the hole and we were fortunate.
PHIL MICKELSON: I'm up in the fairway watching the shot, he bounces it left in the tree, falls in front of me and I have nothing. I watch mine hit to the right, it gets on the cart path, kicks it backwards and rolls 70 yards backwards down that cart path and they were away.
So we both -- well, we got lucky to have won that hole but we both -- none of us played the way we wanted to and that happens in match play. It happens in this format, and sometimes we are on the good end and sometimes we are not. Is.

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