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September 12, 2009

Angela Stanford


JASON TAYLOR: Can we go over your scorecard?
JASON TAYLOR: Yep. What happened on that one?
ANGELA STANFORD: Flared my tee shot right into the hazard and hit the green with the sand wedge and two-putted. 11, birdie, hit a little-bitty 9-iron in there to like seven, eight feet.
14, hit a really good tee shot and had 7-iron into that par-5, just off the back fringe, and two-putted. 18, driver, 7-wood and a little chip to like three feet.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Well, thanks for coming in, Angela. 7-under after two rounds of play. You're the clubhouse leader right now. If you can just kind of talk about how it went for you today.
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I felt like I got off to a slow start, but now, thinking back, I know the pin placements on the front were a lot more difficult today than they were yesterday.
And then, I mean really your opportunities on this golf course are probably on the back. So I just tried to stay patient on the front because I finally got to the point where I thought, you know, I don't think the front's playing as easy as it was yesterday. So I just stayed patient and tried to take advantage of the opportunities on the back.
JASON TAYLOR: Questions?

Q. Angela, as a whole did you just think the course was playing more difficult? I mean the wind was kind of whipping around and everything, too.
ANGELA STANFORD: I think so. I mean, I think -- like I said, I think the pin placements were a little more difficult.
And you know, these greens are new, so I feel like they're still kind of immature in that some of the breaks are -- I think it's hard to read new greens, so throw in the wind and the more difficult pin placements, I think the course is playing harder.

Q. You've been pretty consistent this entire year. Why do you think that is?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I think confidence, just believing that I can be competitive out here week in and week out.
My golf swing has gotten a lot better, and my putting has gotten much better. So I think just a combination of everything finally matching up.

Q. Have you done any anything particular to the putting to make it improve that much?
ANGELA STANFORD: No. It's been kind of the same thing for me since college. I move my body quite a bit when I'm putting bad, so for me, if I can just get my hands on it, on the putter correctly and then keep my lower body still, then usually I'll start rolling it pretty well, but if I start moving around, then --

Q. Angela, I know your mother was able to come to the Solheim Cup, and you talked a little bit about that and how enjoyable that was. How is she doing these days?
ANGELA STANFORD: She's doing great. She's kind of halfway through her chemo treatments. So I think it's probably going to be tough the next nine weeks, because from what I understand, when the chemo is building in your body, it gets harder.
So I think the next nine weeks are going to be tough, but I just keep telling her, you know, there's a positive end. There's going to be an end to this, and so she's doing great right now. She's having a great week, and I think any chance she gets to kind of get out and get away from, you know, her reality is helpful, so it's good to have her at a couple tournaments.

Q. Do you enjoy being out on the course for sort of the same reasons, you can focus on the golf?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, you know, I thought it would be -- you know, when I first came out after getting the news, I really thought I was going to handle it better, and I didn't right off the bat.
And then actually, Beth Daniel told me -- because I told her at the Open, I missed the cut at the Open, and I said, I promise I'll pull it together before the Solheim Cup. I promise. I'll be okay. And she's like, no, you just have to get used to a new normal.
And I thought that doesn't make -- you know, it didn't make sense, and now, it is a new normal, and I've adjusted to -- you know, and we know what's going to happen, and we know it's going to be a good end. So that makes it a lot easier to adjust to the new normal.

Q. How long did it take you to adjust to that? I mean was it a long time?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I mean I guess through like Evian and the British. And that doesn't seem like that long, but you know, I didn't play Toledo very well, missed the cut at the Open.
Evian I didn't play very well, but I think once I got to a point where I realized that she was going to be okay and I was going to be okay, then it was easier to kind of start thinking about golf again. I think if it were going to be a different outcome, you know, it would be worse.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Thank you.

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