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September 10, 2009

Tiger Woods


Q. Kind of a heart-breaker there, the third shot there on the last hole.
TIGER WOODS: It looked like a simple shot, but I had a bad lie down there. I tried to get steep and get underneath it and dig it out of the hole that it was in, and it came out hot. I got lucky at the flag. But it would have been nice if I had a nice little lie there because it was a very simple up-and-down.

Q. How did you feel overall about your round?
TIGER WOODS: Very good, very good. I hit the ball well all day. The redesign is certainly different. A lot of Rees' redesigns, a lot of these fingers -- what creates a lot of problems is a lot of these fingers run away from you, and if you land the ball short, it's going to be hot. With the added length, you're going to have longer clubs into these flags, and it's hard to get them close. If you dump it in the middle of the green you have pretty tough putts, up and over ridges. But if you fire at it, a lot of the guys are short-siding themselves just by a little bit, and easier pitches but still not a green in regulation.

Q. Big save on 6. Talk about that.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, that was nice. I stuck that 3-iron in the ground over there and tried to hole it. You saw Heath and Strick, their ball got swept by the wind pretty good, and I didn't want to have that happen, so I stuck it in the ground, perfect, right bunker. I hit a little pitch up there, and that putt was probably about four balls outside the right, and it went in.

Q. You also went over at 3. Everybody else has been going under.
TIGER WOODS: Well, the option was I could have played underneath, but I didn't know if I could actually get through the rough there. There's a gap there in the tree which I could play -- I told Stevie, if it stays on the green, it's a bonus. If not, I'm just going to hit it over the green and pitch it back up, but I have the angle to pitch it back up to the hole. So the whole idea was just to try to get up-and-down for bogey. If it stays on the green, great. If it doesn't, get up-and-down for bogey.

Q. After playing one round do you have a better sense of where you can take chances and --
TIGER WOODS: It's the pin locations. For instance, No. 11-over here, that front pin was always just an easy pin, dump it on the right, it's an easy up-and-down. Now if you dump it on the right that's a deep bunker there; you have almost no shot to get it close. You've got to try to miss it a little bit left or long like I did. They're different misses.
That's the thing that you have to try and get used to. Some of these pins, the misses are not where they used to be.

Q. On 11 you hit that high cut over the trees. Can you talk about that?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it was the number I had. I had 260 front. If I tried to cut it, there's no way I could get there, so I had to use the wind to try and help me get it there, and I carried it about 270, and it rolled over the back. But the hole is so much longer than it used to play. I had to use the wind in order to get there to the green or else I couldn't get there.

Q. What's a good score out there?
TIGER WOODS: I think anything under par is a really good score. Usually it takes a little bit before the guys get accustomed to what the scoring is going to be. The greens are springy but slow. It's a different concept. We usually expect greens that are springy to putt a little bit quicker, but they're not. And you can take advantage of it.
The greens are I think about a year or so from settling. You can still see a little bit of wiggling to them. But the whole idea is I think more than anything the guys are trying to get accustomed to where to miss the golf ball because the misses are so different than what they used to be.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: I know. It's amazing, isn't it? It's just long. If they so choose. But I think the thing is you can mix it around each and every day and play a slightly different golf course.

Q. Are they close, or would you like to see them toughen it up a little bit?
TIGER WOODS: I think they will. They'll leave the water off the greens and let it get a little bit drier, a little bit quicker. It's warm enough that the ball is flying, and we're hitting the ball probably a half a club further than we normally would with this heat. If it stays like this, then yeah, you can keep the tees back.
The pins for tomorrow are -- they're more in the middle of the sections. They're not really tough, in these little sections. You can get at some of these pins.

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