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August 30, 2009

Tiger Woods


Q. You going to go to the US Open and see Roger this week?
TIGER WOODS: No, going home, see the family instead.

Q. You always want to win. In the context of the FedExCup, did you do what you had to do this week?
TIGER WOODS: No, no (smiling). Sorry, no, I can't go there with you on that one.
It was a week that, man, to miss as many putts as I did this week, to still have a chance on the last green with a putt, it goes to show you how good I am at hitting it. That's a great sign. Just need to make a few more putts.
This week, I don't ever call Stevie in on this many reads. They were tricky putts, double-breaking putts, 10, 12-footers. Just tricky greens. If you look at these guys with ball in hand, we didn't really go low. 9-under par. Even par on the weekend for guys; that's not really going all that low.

Q. The par 3, is that the one you would want?
TIGER WOODS: I pulled that putt. I pulled it, horseshoed.

Q. What happened with the putt on 18?
TIGER WOODS: Well, we read it either right center with a little pace, or inside right. We misread it by almost a cup. That's frustrating when you misread a putt that bad. Stricker did the same thing. His putt broke more than he thought, as well.
Kind of the nature of these greens; a little bit tricky to misread.

Q. How rare is that for you and Steve to do that?
TIGER WOODS: It happens. Happens a lot out here. Not too many golf courses that you misread putts that badly. This golf course is one. This and Fancourt are probably the ones that I've called Stevie on this many reads.

Q. A lot has been made that you haven't won the Barclays. Was it something you wanted to do this week?
TIGER WOODS: Well, the title, the tournament, I haven't really done all that well because I haven't played it. But this is my first time I think playing this event. Yeah, I missed the last two years.

Q. Did you give yourself a second to think about what a playoff might have been like?
TIGER WOODS: The idea was to try to get to 9 or 10 all day. I thought that was going to probably be the number, especially since I was so far ahead of the leaders. But they got off to poor starts right away.
You know, looking at it, you figure the way the guys were going, the guys leading came back, there was a big push right where I was at either ahead of me or just behind me with Heath and Stricks.
Figured 9 or 10 was going to be the number, just trying to get there. Just didn't get there.

Q. Given your relative struggles on the greens, did you approach that last 7-footer any differently?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely not. You never do. Every putt you hit is the same process. Go up there, be committed to what you're doing. Hopefully it goes in.

Q. Looking ahead, you have three tournaments coming up. All golf courses you've done well at. Does that give you confidence?
TIGER WOODS: I know two of the three. I haven't seen it, not too many guys have. Two of the next three, I pretty much know those golf courses.

Q. Not having seen this course until Wednesday, would a couple extra days of practice have helped you?
TIGER WOODS: No, because you don't know where they're going to put the pins. That's the tricky part about this golf course. Most tournaments you can kind of get a feel where they're going to put it. The staff had their hands full this week trying to figure out pin locations here that were going to be fair.
But I think they did a pretty good job.

Q. Was there any point today where you thought you were going to get it in there?
TIGER WOODS: I was right there. At the time, after I birdied 16, I was still one back, but they hadn't played 16 yet. They were playing right behind me. If they make birdie there, get to 10, that means I'd have to birdie 17 and 18.
I think Stricks birdied 16, got to 9. I think that was about it.

Q. What do you know about Heath as a player and as a person?
TIGER WOODS: He's very quiet. Very quiet. Pretty unassuming. Just kind of goes about his business. I know he's a very straight hitter of the golf ball. Doesn't have a lot of power, but hits the ball very straight. Done very well. Just kind of plodding along.

Q. Did you see this coming from him on a Sunday like this?
TIGER WOODS: Well, there's so many guys, could have come from anywhere. That's the thing. As I said earlier, the guys who were leading the tournament, they came back early. There was a big push for probably the first 12 or 13 holes. A lot of guys were making a bunch of birdies. Ernie, myself, Paddy, Stricks, Heath, a lot of guys were making a push.

Q. Is this a tough time to play golf, eight months till the next major? Is that a tough time to motivate?
TIGER WOODS: I got a lot of golf to play. Got the next three events here are part of our tour, The Presidents Cup, then overseas for two, then my tournament in December. I got a lot of golf to play.

Q. Given your history in big moments, when you miss a big putt, what reaction runs through you when that happens?
TIGER WOODS: If I would have hit a poor putt, I would have been pissed, but I didn't. That's no big deal. If you misread a putt, that happens.
But the putt I hit over there at 4, that was a bad putt. Short putt, bad putt. Consequently, you don't deserve for it to go in.

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