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August 1, 2009

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: I was able to take care of. But after that, I got it going, hit some good shots there, and I made three in a row there, but 5 I lost my concentration there a bit, and hit a bad shot, still made 4, though, but overall, I hit it good on the Front 9.
The Back 9 was very scratchy. I hit some bad shots, but I pulled left or a couple off-shooters to the right, so I need to go 6-under.

Q. So are you disappointed?
TIGER WOODS: The way I hit it, yes. But I scored. The whole idea of the game is to put the ball in the hole, I did that. But as far as controlling my ball, I didn't do that, especially the way it pulled. You have to control your ball, and I didn't do that, and got away with some shots, I was able to put myself in position to make a couple of putts, and I did.

Q. How about 17?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. 17 was a nice putt. I've had that putt before, so I just remember it being actually a little bit faster than it looks. Even though it's straight up the mound, for some reason it rolls up pretty good. So didn't hit it quite as hard as it looked, but it worked out.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. That's what Stevie and I were saying, so couldn't hear each other, but it was pretty exciting. The people here have been absolutely incredible, so supportive of this event over the years, and that's one of the reasons why we love coming here.

Q. How much did the wind change things today? Seemed like it was really blowing way harder than it was the last two days.
TIGER WOODS: It was blowing hard, and on top of that it was changing directions a little bit, too. Just enough to make certain shots pretty interesting, so you had to keep an eye on it.
Hopefully you timed the right gust to hit a good shot, but you had to take advantage of the shorter holes and they moved the tees up on a couple of holes today, so took advantage of those holes.

Q. Did the buzz make you lose concentration on that 5?
TIGER WOODS: It did. I didn't focus. I didn't refocus on the shot, and when I was over the ball, I took the putt back and said, what shot am I supposed to be playing again? And just threw the club at it and hit a terrible golf shot, and I just got away with it. I had a shot and a putt shot.

Q. Scrambling for pars, I mean how key is that on a day like this?
TIGER WOODS: Well, you're not supposed to be doing that. You know, this golf course is pretty short. So you have to take advantage of the holes, and I did that, but unfortunately I didn't do it the correct way, you know.
Wasn't down the fairway, on the green, make a putt. It was on the fairway, someone else's fairway twice on the Back 9. So it was an interesting Back 9, but I came out well in the ballgame. I scored well, and as of right now, I'm only one back, and right there.

Q. The first day you said I can't get it all back in one day. You gotta be happy, looking back to that round, to give yourself a shot?
TIGER WOODS: I put myself so far back, 8 back, saying like you're at a U.S. Open, you can make that up in one round. You can't make it up around here. It's going to take two or three rounds, and as of right now I'm only one back, and I'm right there at the end of the championship.

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