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July 30, 2009

Marc Leishman


Q. What a good start, with 6-under through 12, 13, and then a couple bogeys toward the end, but managed to get one back.
MARC LEISHMAN: I played well all day, and then early on hit a couple of bad putts. Very early things started wrong with a couple of the putts. Hit a bad drive, not a real bad drive, but an average drive and finished, chipped out. Didn't get up-and-down for par.
Three-putted four, first putt, made for par. Then you know, last birdie, 16.
17, and two-putt the hole for par on 18. So it was a good day. Yeah, glad to be playing well.

Q. It's nice to finish with a putt like that. What was it, five, six feet?
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah. Six or seven, too long for a par putt from the rough. You don't really want to putt from the rough, but good hole.

Q. It's your first year out here, and you've been in contention a little bit, actually, and you're obviously learning from it because you keep doing it.
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah. I've had a couple of Texas Open, so had a chance more so. I finished Top 10 in San Antonio, and Byron Nelson, never really thought about winning on the last day.
But yeah, definitely aware I've had chances, and take a lot from that. Also, Nathan Green winning last week, that's a big plus for us.
You know, we've spent some time together, so it's awesome to see him win, real happy for him, you know, just shows that the Aussies can do it.

Q. Do you think you're the only Australian that he inspired or --
MARC LEISHMAN: Oh, I think all of them. All of us definitely. You know, obviously it might not work this week or whatever, but just to know, you know, definitely very global is great.
So you know, yeah, real happy for him to get a win under his belt.

Q. You've been in contention. What's that do for your confidence as a rookie out here to know you've been around in a position to win?
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah. It's great. I played Nationwide last year, been in contention a few times, but you never know how good your status is going to be once you get on the main TOUR, so just to do it out here against the best players is really good, and hopefully I can keep going.

Q. You look at your round today. You had some struggles there on the back. But overall it's a good score. Do you think about those ones that kind of got away from you or do you look at it as the whole day?
MARC LEISHMAN: Just as the whole day. It wasn't that bad a start.
I probably got a running start on 13, from the front of the green. Hit a pretty good shot, hooked it almost off the green. I finished, early on and then threw it out and then stopped or whatever, and then I hit bad putt on 14. So you're not going to hit every shot perfect. I've tried to learn that in the past, but started to get that.

Q. How were conditions out there today?
MARC LEISHMAN: Felt perfect. Yeah. Little breeze. Maybe a light breeze, but nothing major.

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