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July 29, 2009

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: Unfortunately the last couple years I hadn't been able to come back, but this year I'm back.

Q. (Indiscernible).
TIGER WOODS: I think the last time I played the tune-up events, so a couple years ago.

Q. Did that enter into your decision to come here?
TIGER WOODS: I always enjoyed being here. The people here are absolutely fantastic.
It's a small, kind of intimate atmosphere. That's one of the main reasons I like playing here, and this year we're going to have to go low, but I think everyone knows that.

Q. You played 5-under today. Does that do anything for you or is that just a Pro-Am, no big deal?
TIGER WOODS: No. It was the middle of the green. The greens are soft, so you should still be able to shoot a pretty good score today.
But we'll see how I do in the tournament. With the conditions being this soft, that the scores are going to get really low.

Q. (Indiscernible).
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. I played well here in the past, and hopefully I can play well here and keep it going over the next two weeks after that.

Q. Tiger, was there ever a sort of situation when guys are obviously (indiscernible) when they play with you. Do you have any words with them at the first tee?
TIGER WOODS: No. I think once we get into the round and start playing, I think everyone is just having fun. That's the whole idea is to just have fun.
And we're not going to win the thing, that's for sure. The whole idea is to go out there and enjoy each other's company and talk a little bit, get to know one another. Usually do a lot of joke telling, story telling, and as I said, just a great day.

Q. How did Bob Seger play?
TIGER WOODS: He played great. I was surprised how well he played and how well he putted. He made a lot of putts. As you saw on 18 there, that's kind of how he played all day.

Q. Did he sing any "Old Time Rock and Roll" to you or anything?
TIGER WOODS: No. Actually that song was playing on 16. Yeah. On the fairway, it was either a house or something over on the left-hand side was playing it.
And I already had in mind if I would have hit the driver off the fairway with a bad driver, I would have blamed it on him. So I hit a good one, so he got the credit.

Q. You had a little time to reflect on tie breaks. Obviously that sixth hole cost you a chance.

Q. What do you think about it? How do you look at it now?
TIGER WOODS: I had a bad stretch and you can't have bad stretches and make it into championships. You just can't afford to do it and not only make the cut, but expect to win a golf tournament.
And I didn't keep it together during that stretch. I didn't make any birdies during that stretch to turn it around, and I made two doubles, and you can't afford to do that, and it cost me.

Q. Did you watch any film on the Sunday?
TIGER WOODS: I did. I watched probably the last 6, 7 holes on Sunday. And it's unfortunate how it turned out for Tom, but Stewart played the way he needed to play and did the things he needed to do to win the tournament.

Q. How sad would you be if this is the last Buick Open?
TIGER WOODS: It would be unfortunate. Obviously this area's been struggling a bit, and as I said, I think the atmosphere, all the players have really enjoyed playing in front of the fans here. It is very intimate. You see the same people at same holes each and every year, and it is a venue that we don't get to play in front of very often. It's much more personal here.

Q. Do you get any certain attitude from coming here over the years?
TIGER WOODS: I think it's just how the people are. It's a smaller town. I think, as I said, you see the same people on the same greens, on the same tees each and every year. You kind of get to know them, say hi to them, how's everything going.
You don't get to say that in any other tournament, except for maybe the Masters because some people have been going to the Masters for 50-plus years in the same seat. But that's basically the only tournament I've ever experienced that in.

Q. (Indiscernible).
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. Buick's been a huge sponsor of the TOUR, huge partner. Not only the four tournaments they used to be a part of, but just an overall partner of the TOUR, I think they've been great.
Unfortunately, things have worked out the way they have, and it's unfortunate they've lost a few events, and hopefully they don't lose this one as well.

Q. Phil Mickelson is returning to the TOUR. What are your thoughts on that?
TIGER WOODS: Well, if he's playing, things are doing better at home. If things were not doing well, then I don't think he'd play. So it's a positive sign to see him out here playing.

Q. Do you have a swing coach?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, yeah. (Laughs).

Q. Tiger, this is the first time you've been here since you've been a dad. I'm curious how being a dad has changed your perspective in your career, your life. Does it mean even more to you?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. The whole idea when you have kids -- actually Elin and I were talking about that not too long ago. We're so lucky to have two healthy kids, and we're very fortunate because not every parent has that luxury. And we've been very fortunate to have that happen and to see your kids go through tough times and have to deal with circumstances that most kids don't have to. It's tough. It hits you at home.
I never really felt that feeling until I had kids of my own, and you certainly get a -- your heart goes out to kids when you see that happen to them.

Q. (Indiscernible).
TIGER WOODS: Totally separate. What I deal with on the golf course is on the golf course. I think that it definitely puts things in better perspective, but still, it doesn't lessen the blow when you lose a golf tournament or miss a cut, it still hurts at the time.
And you still gotta figure out how you need to improve, how you need to get back to playing better golf. And it's just that you don't have as much time to dwell on those little things when you come home, which is actually I think a positive.

Q. You had come in to this tournament regarding the future of this tournament. How much did the fact that you missed the cut and your game factor into this?
TIGER WOODS: I would have played no matter what.

Q. But you missed hole No. 17.
TIGER WOODS: It's different. I saw they added bleachers this year, so that's going to be interesting.

Q. How much work do you get done at a Pro-Am or is it a day at the zoo for you?
TIGER WOODS: I work on it a little bit. Probably I worked on my speed. I finished the hole early, and putted around a little bit until I got my speed on the greens, and after that I played the golf course normal.
But you can get a little bit of work in, but obviously you can't get as much work in as you normally would on a true practice round, but you can get a little work in.

Q. Thinking about moving to Pennsylvania the next few years. Would you ever consider bringing your event to this market?
TIGER WOODS: Which one?

Q. Here.
TIGER WOODS: Which event?

Q. The 18 Tee National.
TIGER WOODS: No. I think we're pretty happy where we're at.

Q. Talk about playing three weeks in a row, how you made that decision and leading up to the PGA. This is the last Major for you.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. It's something I don't think I've ever done is played two events prior to the PGA. I usually have played one event, and usually it's this event when it's the week prior to the PGA.
But we're going to have a busy stretch, and I think that's the way it's kind of turned out with the World Golf Championships, the Majors, and then the playoff events. It's a busy stretch to the end of the year.

Q. How is your game trying to win this Major?
TIGER WOODS: I just gotta put it together at the right time. That's the whole idea. You can't win Majors playing poorly. You gotta play well.

Q. In the past years you said you've played only three of the four FedExCup events. Are you scheduled to play all of them this time?
TIGER WOODS: We'll see.

Q. Tiger, you say how the crowd here is more personal and more fun. Because of that is there more sentiments you have with it possibly being in the last one?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. It definitely is. There's no doubt. I've gotten to know a lot of people here through my relationship with Buick over the years. But even prior to going with Buick I played here, and just being here for so many years, met a lot of people, a lot of great people around here, and unfortunately, it doesn't happen. But we'll see what happens.

Q. Great. Thank you, Tiger.

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