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June 12, 2009

Heath Slocum


Q. Your overall thought, a little hiccup on 13. Other than that, it's what you wanted?
HEATH SLOCUM: I played wonderful today. Yeah, the one little mistake on 13, but kind of made up for it on the big save on 18, so overall a great day.
I saw Brian running away with it up there and what are you trying to do, make some birdies just to stay close but just to see a difference. Overall a great day. Just felt like it was a long time coming.

Q. Little bit of notes on the Web saying you would have the course record when you were 6-under after 11 holes. Were you aware of the course record?
HEATH SLOCUM: I'm actually not. I'll be honest, I was having to put everything into just, you know, just trying to hit fairways and hit some greens and make some putts. I just haven't been as sharp this year, so when I was -- had it kind of going, I was trying to stay there and not think of anything else.

Q. Hot out there, grind it out. You closed on 18. Little trouble on your approach there but a great save?
HEATH SLOCUM: That helps. Gives you a little momentum going into tomorrow. See another putt going in, I'll always take that.

Q. How difficult was the course today after yesterday?
HEATH SLOCUM: We just had so much less wind today. It was warm, I had to deal with that. But not having to deal with the 20-mile-per-hour gusts makes the course much, much easier.

Q. You're off the rest of the day. What do you think it holds for these guys?
HEATH SLOCUM: I think there's scores out there. You've got to play well and drive it well. But I don't think there's supposed to be much wind today and the greens are somewhat receptive. Should be some good scores.

Q. Thank you. I appreciate it. Good luck.

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