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June 6, 2009

Tiger Woods


Q. You put yourself in position. Good day for you?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. I hit the ball well today. Didn't really make a lot of putts, but I was squirting the edge quite a bit all day. Made a mistake at 17 three-putting there. That was just a terrible mistake.
Overall, I put myself back in the tournament.

Q. When you say terrible mistake, what do you mean by that?
TIGER WOODS: You can't three-putt from there. I was only 15 feet. You can't three-putt from 15 feet. Should have been more disciplined on my read and my speed, and I let it get away.

Q. Can you explain what an eagle does for you just on the inside? How it fires you up?
TIGER WOODS: I was trying to maintain the tee. K.J.'s inside of me. So I was telling Steve yesterday, we just need to keep this tee. If we keep the tee going to the next hole, we'll do all right.

Q. Did you hear about Ogilvy's round?
TIGER WOODS: I just saw it. I saw 7 and saw him get the 9 for the day. I didn't quite see that out there. Did he play all 18?

Q. Apparently.

Q. Best part of your game today?
TIGER WOODS: I would say just my patience. I hit the ball decent all day. Hit a lot of good putts. Had to be patient. The wind was all over the place. It was hard to get a beat on where it was coming from. The intensity is one thing, but we couldn't even figure out direction sometimes. It was hard. Had to back off probably five or six shots today because the winds went complete different directions and we had to change clubs.

Q. Tiger, was it about a year ago or maybe this week exactly when you found out from the doctor the severity of the breaks and all that? I think you had intended to play here, and you found out somewhere right around this time that it was trashed and broken and all gnarled.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. It was Thursday.

Q. This Thursday?
TIGER WOODS: No, no, Thursday before I was committing. Commitment Friday. And it was hurting me quite a bit. So went and had it x-rayed, oh, yeah, you've got two fractures in there. Probably not a good idea to play.

Q. Do you have any idea how you got the fractures?
TIGER WOODS: Just practicing. My leg wasn't quite ready to come back and take the pounding yet. I just had -- I had no ACL, and then I have no hamstring or glute strength because I just did a surgery coming off of -- just after Augusta. So I just now started to practice, and I practiced way too hard to get ready tore this event. That's when I broke it.

Q. Tiger, how disciplined playing was that? Did you know right then the U.S. Open would be it for the year?
TIGER WOODS: Kind of. I thought that maybe I could play the U.S. Open and then rest it and then play the British and then play the PGA and just skip all the other tournaments in between and just play the major championships.
But after what happened, I was going to keep rebreaking it as it healed because I needed to practice and play. So I was never given a chance to actually truly heal. So I had to shut it down.

Q. Did the 1st hole scare you?
TIGER WOODS: No. I've got 17 more holes.

Q. You're going for four tomorrow. Do you think about that?
TIGER WOODS: Not necessarily. Just trying to win this one.

Q. Pin placement or speed of the greens be tougher tomorrow? What do you think?
TIGER WOODS: They picked up a little speed today. I'm sure they're over 14 today. Some of the pins are going to be a little more difficult tomorrow. Today was actually the easier of the three days to score. Pins are going to be tucked a little bit tomorrow. Going to be a little more disciplined what you're doing.
But the greens are so smooth, you can make 20 footers out there. Just got to get the right speeds.

Q. When you're two, three, four back, do you feel with one more round of play you're even in your mind?

Q. Do you feel like, I can close that no problem?
TIGER WOODS: I have to play well. That's the difference between being out front and trailing. If you're out front, you play poorly, getting off to a poor start, you can still win the golf tournament. If you're trailing and you get off to a poor start, you can play yourself out of the golf tournament.
I need to get off to a better start like I did today, get it going early, and see where it puts me throughout the day.

Q. I know you haven't been to Bethpage yet this year, but will you set up your bag or think about setting it up differently than you did here? Take out something?
TIGER WOODS: No, not as of right now. As of right now, I think I'm going to stick with the same set of clubs, all 14, as of now. I have to take a look at it.

Q. Do you ever change something out?
TIGER WOODS: I do. I change different lofts in my 3 wood. And different bounces in my wedges. And then obviously put a 2 iron sometimes and a 5 wood out.

Q. But you won't suspect it will be different from even like '02. You probably would look at that and virtually the same type.
TIGER WOODS: It will be virtually the same but longer.

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