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May 20, 2009

Charley Spradley


Q. Obviously some grim news this morning?
CHARLEY SPRADLEY: Well, it's news that would cause us all to have proper concern for Phil, Amy, his wife, and their extended family, and that's where our concern lies. Our thoughts and prayers are with the extended family, all the Mickelsons and her family, and we wish them well.

Q. When did you find out?
CHARLEY SPRADLEY: Less than an hour ago. My understanding is that he was in town and ready to play.

Q. Obviously your thoughts are with Phil's family, but as far as the tournament, the fact that obviously having a name that big, obviously it affects the tournament.
CHARLEY SPRADLEY: Let me say this: Anything about what might be happening to an event such as ours is pure speculation, anything beyond this point. We believe that Phil made exactly the right decision, that he has handled this in just the fashion any one of us would, and we wish them well. I look forward to seeing them someday soon. But anything beyond this is pure speculation.

Q. It's hard to be disappointed because he was doing the right thing.
CHARLEY SPRADLEY: I'm not disappointed. I'm encouraged by his decision. You guys know this: We're all about kids and families, and we would have made exactly the decision that he did, I hope.

Q. Will the Salesmanship Club be doing anything further as far as Phil's family as far as you know?
CHARLEY SPRADLEY: I'm sure we will be following closely and supporting him in any way we can.

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