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May 8, 2009

Tiger Woods


Q. Tiger, not everything went your way today, but you're right back in the tournament?
TIGER WOODS: Just kind of plodded my way along today. I made some birdies in the middle part of the round there, 9, 10, 11 was nice. I don't know, overall I got myself back in the ballgame.

Q. Can you take us through the 14, which seemed to epitomize the day?
TIGER WOODS: It was a terrible tee shot there.

Q. What did you hit?
TIGER WOODS: I hit a 3-wood off the tee, hit it straight right. Then I hit an 8-iron up there to about 25 feet and made it.

Q. How far was the tree? It looked like it was positioned where you were going to have to --
TIGER WOODS: It was not in play.

Q. Not in play?
TIGER WOODS: No. I'm hitting good enough where I can miss that tree.

Q. A little discussion with Steve about your club?
TIGER WOODS: It was either 7 or 8, and it's just about how much is it going to jump. Is it going to knuckle out of that lie. And you can't afford to land the ball on the green. I was lucky I handed it about two feet short of the green. That ball lands on the green, it's in the back of the green, I've got just a brutal putt. I actually put the ball short of the green, and have an easy pitch and get it up-and-down from there. But it actually worked out perfect.

Q. Where do you get such a wide variety of scores, especially on a day like today? Chopra is at 9-under with a couple to play, and you get some guys --
TIGER WOODS: This course doesn't take much. You have a couple of lies that are just a little awkward and the next thing you know, you can make some bogeys quickly. It doesn't mean that you hit bad shots. You can get a wind gust that changes. It can switch on you. You can hit a good shot, in a bad spot, wrong side of the slopes. With the rough on the Calot of these banks, it ends up in the collection areas.

Q. Were you able to go low in the opposite direction, is that good or bad news going into the weekend?
TIGER WOODS: The way the pins are for tomorrow, you can probably shoot a good one if you play well. But, again, you've got to hit the ball well, because you've got to take advantage of the slopes, because if you don't, and hit the wrong side of the slope, then you're going to be in some tough shots.

Q. How many drivers did you hit today?
TIGER WOODS: Two. 9 and 11.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: That would have been nice. The putt was -- I knew it doesn't break that much, because you can see it, it's sloped pretty hard, but the grain is actually running the other way. And I said, you know what, that putt has to break. But the grain held it.

Q. On 12, what did you hit on your second shot --
TIGER WOODS: No, it went from into the wind to downwind. And just caught the wrong gust at the wrong time. And then Ernie saw what I did, and he hit his shot and his switched back into his face. It can be tricky out there.

Q. What did you use for the runner up on 18?
TIGER WOODS: 7-iron.

Q. What happened on the first tee, is that unsettling when you're up there with all the practice and you can't find the fairway?
TIGER WOODS: It is what it is, you hit a bad shot and you go play it. I had an opening, got down there, didn't hit a very good pitch but got away with it.

Q. Do you see guys shooting 30 on the front 9 and Chopra, 8-under for 11 holes, 12 holes, whatever it is, some guys are --
TIGER WOODS: Steve, I haven't seen any scores, I can't tell you.

Q. How did you feel about the speed today, did you feel better on the greens today?
TIGER WOODS: I hit some good putts today, just like I did yesterday. But they went in today, which was nice.

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