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April 3, 2009

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: It was very productive today. You get to play 36 holes in a day starting after 10:00. Didn't think we would get done today but we did. That was great.

Q. When you have some momentum going in, when you finish the first 18, you almost wanted to keep staying out there.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, but it's like college golf. Here is your lunch and keep on going. You know, I honestly expected us to have maybe just a short little break, maybe a 20 minutes to compose ourselves or do whatever we needed to do and we weren't allowed that. We had to keep going.
But hindsight, I'm glad we did.

Q. Was there any question in your mind that you might not play the last hole?
PAUL CASEY: No. I ran. I didn't -- I figured it was worth it. I mean it's easy to say that now standing here having made -- almost made birdie, lipped out for birdie on the last. I would never have taken a bogey. I'm out here to make birdies. There's something to be said about saving energy. It's turning into a long week. If I have to get up very early tomorrow, that could have been detrimental. You don't know about the wind action. I took a chance, ran for the tee. The caddies were still raking the bunker on the right side of 18. Luckily found the fairway and made birdie.

Q. You literally ran.
PAUL CASEY: I ran, yeah. The guys playing with me, Tim and Michael, were very happy about that. They wanted to get done as well. They were both a couple under par so, you know, it was important that they finish well. I'm not sure what the cut was for them. Everybody did well.

Q. Were you worried? It felt like match play you and Geoff Ogilvy up on the leaderboards.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah. I mean -- yes and no. You know, it's a long day for them. You know, yesterday actually getting told we could leave early was nice to get back and stretch and workout and I felt full of energy for today which would be nice because I'll get some more energy for the rest of the weekend, workout in the morning.

Q. Were you worried Geoff was going to run away from you guys?
PAUL CASEY: He got to 11 at one time?

Q. He got to 11.
PAUL CASEY: Very "un-Ogilvy" like to move backwards. He's usually a guy who from my memory just once he starts going forward you can't stop him. Who knows. The greens, they're a little bit bumpy but we've had a full day's play on them and they weren't able to cut or roll them in between play today. They were tricky to read and the grass was starting to grow and the grain was starting to affect the golf ball which was a little bit more difficult in the afternoon to make the putts. Maybe that's what slowed them up a about it.

Q. Other than getting in the last hole, the hole you're most excited about, is there a sequence that kind of got you --
PAUL CASEY: It's been -- I have no idea. Thirty-six holes, it's tough to remember what's gone on today. I think the front-9 this morning, you know, flying start, 5-under through the first nine and birdied 16, 17 and 18 is huge. Par would have been very, very nice but to pick up three birdies on those holes feels like I've actually picked up more than three shots on the field. So that was really where I got things going, got things going early which was nice.

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