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March 28, 2009

Tiger Woods


Q. You've won here five times. You've also had a couple of adventures on the 18th hole. This course really gives and takes away, doesn't it?
TIGER WOODS: Especially today. The golf course is playing so hard today. I had to be so patient with the round. No one is tearing this place apart. The wind is so blustery out there, it's hard to get your distance correct, and then once you get on the green the wind is blowing the ball on the green so you've got to allow for wind on putts from five, six feet. It's just a tough day.

Q. In these kind of conditions is this a good barometer for how you're doing or not?
TIGER WOODS: I thought I played well all day. Unfortunately I finished up at over par for the day, but I played better than that. The shot in on 16 I had just a really good tee shot. I can't believe it went that far through the wind, and then made bogey from there.

Q. The putt you made at 18, which was a pretty long putt for you, obviously since the comeback you haven't made a lot of long putts. You were really focused on that. Does that give you a lot of heart knowing that you're starting to get your putting where you want it to be, on at least the longer putts?
TIGER WOODS: Well, on the longer putts it's just getting your speed right. I thought today my speed was coming around. I just need more tournament time. I hit a lot of good putts this week and saw a lot of good lines, they just didn't go in.

Q. Talk about the difference between being in the last group and not being in the last group and what that does from a psychological standpoint for you and the people around you and whatever.
TIGER WOODS: It's hard to look at it like that right now, but I'm sure I'll look at it a little bit later like that. But as of right now --

Q. What did you hit on 18 on your second shot?
TIGER WOODS: I hit wedge, trying to put the ball in the left bunker, and the wind snagged it and knocked it down and to the right.

Q. Is five shots too much if it's at all like this tomorrow? Is that make-uppable?
TIGER WOODS: We'll see what happens. It may soften up, the wind may blow, it's supposed to be a little bit cooler. We'll see what happens when we get out here, what kind of conditions we're going to have, whether we're able to shoot low scores or not or we're going to have to play like we have been the last three days.

Q. Kind of hard to make up shots on those last four holes; you just sort of put the seatbelt on and are trying to get in the house, aren't you?
TIGER WOODS: We'll see what happens.

Q. Being where O'Hair is now, how good do you think three days of being 7-, 8-, 9-under, whatever he's finishing at, is out here?
TIGER WOODS: It's great. It's great playing. You have to hit quality shots and you've got to make some putts and you've got to time the wind correctly and you've got to stay patient, and I'm sure he's done that all week.

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