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March 1, 2009

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: The ball striking was not bad the first nine holes but you can't miss that many putts and expect to be in contention. Having said that the six iron I hit on ten was superb. He is not going to beat an eagle but he almost tied it, hit an incredible shot in there. And then the six iron on the last there out of the bunker and to hole the putt for a three and get back to three down I felt was a positive thing. I need to try and keep that momentum going this afternoon.

Q. Six and 11 looked key - the three putt you had on six and then the 11th?
PAUL CASEY: For as bad as I feel about that first 18 it is not disastrous and 3 down after 18 is not a lot. That can be overcome fairly quickly. I just need to get off to a fast start. That's the key. If I get off to that hot start and get it back to even, one or two down going into the back nine I will feel good about that. What I can't let happen is Geoff get out there and pick up a couple more holes on me as that would be very very tough to come back from.

Q. I imagine you will give your putter a good talking to?
PAUL CASEY: I felt I missed some of the shorter ones between the two of us. I am not expecting to get any free holes out here and the one time it looked like I might get something free he chipped in on me. But I guess that made up for the six iron I hit on the tenth. I am happy with the way I finished to sneak one back with a birdie three on a tough hole with the wind switching, hopefully I can carry that on.

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