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February 28, 2009

Paul Casey


Q. Three up after four - did you feel in control of the match after that?
PAUL CASEY: I felt very good. I think I got lucky today as Sean got some food poisoning last night and it seemed everytime he hit what looked like a good looking shot it hit the wrong side of a slope or a bank or something unlucky. I think it would have been a much closer match if that had not happened as I was not really making the putts. It was just very good bal striking today.

Q. What has pleased you most about this week?
PAUL CASEY: Ball striking. And the way I got over being tired at the beginning of the week. I feel very fresh right now. Also trying to figure out how far these clubs go. I have been out in Arizona 12 years now but bit is still baffling hitting eight irons from 180 yards or whatever. Getting your brain in gear and accepting the ball will go that far is very difficult.

Q. The greens a bit firmer today?
PAUL CASEY: They are. The shots coming into the greens are not stopping. You are not able to get much check onto the golf ball. You have got to really play a well struck say eight iron five yards short to hold it. That makes it difficult when they are cutting these pins over swales and bunkers.

Q. You have played 63 holes so far, much less than most of the others, is that going to help?
PAUL CASEY: I hope so. I know what is like to play 36 holes in a day match play. The most extreme and most fatiguing I have ever felt on a golf course is at the Ryder Cup. You take the two rounds of golf or three days of golf if you play every match, plus the pressure, that's a lot of golf and it is very tiring. This isn't quite as bad. It is a pretty easy walk, the sun is out and I shouldn't really complain.

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