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February 27, 2009

Paul Casey


RODDY WILLIAMS: Paul Casey, welcome to the interview room. A very impressive win out there against Peter Hanson. Going well.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, thank you. That was really good golf today. I want to say I'm just very, very happy with that. It seems to be getting better as the week has progressed. The matches certainly don't get easier, they probably get tougher. And Peter was, again, another good competitor today.
But made quite a few birdies, even popped in an eagle, and didn't really make any mistakes. A couple of putts I missed here and there, but very nice.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Got off to a fast start and you looked pretty comfortable out there.
PAUL CASEY: I like this golf course. I roughly know how far the ball goes. I got it wrong a couple of times today, but I seem to have figured out a way of playing this place and I like my game plan. I'm going to try and replicate it again tomorrow.

Q. When you and Geoff were out here two weeks ago what in the world did you write down, you guys both advance to the round of eight. Good notes or what?
PAUL CASEY: I think our opinions of the golf course would be different now from if you had asked us two weeks ago.

Q. It's a little intimidating when you first played it?
PAUL CASEY: I think it was very, did you say intimidating? Yeah, a little bit. Certainly the green complexes. They're complex.
I think we both knew that most of the lines off the tee -- I think what's changed actually this week is the TOUR have moved a lot of the tees around like 11 today was almost a hundred yards up.
That was an incredibly difficult tee shot from that back tee. And it gave us more options today with club selection. Peter, for example, hit driver, I hit 2-iron. Actually went with two, 2-irons and knocked it on the green. So two weeks ago I had no clue how to play that hole. And that made it easier today.
So I think the weather as well. We had a frost delay when we played. And it was very cold. The ball wasn't going very far. And as soon as you get 80 degree heat in the desert and at this altitude the ball starts to go a long way and that solves a lot of our problems.

Q. He said it wasn't one of those things where you guys spent an hour at every hole, you hit a couple of shots and kept moving.
PAUL CASEY: I think we were around in about three and a bit.

Q. Just very casual?
PAUL CASEY: We took the cart straight down the middle of the fairway. Very, very casual. We didn't keep score, we just played. We even went through a group.
I have a confession, I didn't even play -- I actually got the club wrong there today -- we didn't even play the 12th hole. Because there was a group on, walking to the 12th tee and we waved and said good morning and drove by them.

Q. I think you're the first person that I've heard say this week say they actually like the golf course. Like you said, your opinion might have been different two weeks ago, but can you talk a little bit about how it's grown on you and obviously the setup, maybe something to do with that?
PAUL CASEY: I think that this format has a lot to do with liking this golf course because you have to be aggressive. I think two weeks ago, when you look at the golf course as a whole and if you take the greens as an example, you, it's quite overwhelming when you walk onto some of those greens. And the ninth green is a good example. That's a lot to take in. There's a lot going on there.
And then playing it the last couple of days you get so focused on the pin and you are not worried about anything else. Your goal or mission is to get that golf ball into the correct little pocket or plateau. And you know if you do that you're going to reward yourself with a fairly simple putt that you don't worry about anything else because of that.
I think that that's what makes it easier and that's why I think my opinion has changed. I will say this, it's in great condition. The greens have been slow this week, but they're slow for a reason, because if they were quick we would probably still be out there right now playing the third round. But the rest of it is phenomenal. Tees, greens, fairways, rough, it's in very, very good shape.

Q. When you play here do you go home at night or are you staying?
PAUL CASEY: No, I don't. It's a bit frustrating because it's 45 minutes back to the hotel every night and it would be about an hour and 45 minutes home. So no, I don't go home at night. I haven't been tempted. It's not that far to get down here from Scottsdale. But God forbid there would be a crash or something on the freeway you might not make your tee time.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Keep it going, Paul.
PAUL CASEY: Thank you.

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