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February 26, 2009

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: I hit it really good today. Just didn't make enough birdies. Tim made a lot of birdies out there and I didn't answer in the middle part of the round and consequently I got behind.

Q. What are the particular challenges of returning in this format versus medal play?
TIGER WOODS: Well, exactly what happened today, you can play well and go home. That is the nature of match play, you can play well and go home and you can play poorly and advance.
I just happened to catch Tim playing really well and I didn't make enough birdies to answer him.

Q. How would you describe what happened on 15?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, I hit a bad shot. It was the only -- I hit two bad shots in two days and I hit a bad 8-iron there on 13 today and I hit a bad tee shot there on 15, lost it to the right.
Evidently it must have hit something down there. And we got down there and no one told us it was out of bounds and so we got down there and I was informed it was out of bounds and I had to walk back.

Q. After the round Tim said he knew he had to play hard and for you to not necessarily play your best for him to prevail. How would you assess that sort of prescription for success?
TIGER WOODS: Well, he played well. Tim did what he needed to do today. He needed to go out there and hit a bunch of fairways and greens and make some putts.
And he did that. He made a bunch of birdies today and I believe he didn't make a bogey all day. So that's what you have to do in match play, put the pressure on your opponent and he did that today.

Q. Beyond defeat what do you take away from this?
TIGER WOODS: Well I'm very pleased actually with the way I hit the golf ball. I didn't make enough birdies today. I made some yesterday, just didn't make enough today. But I hit the ball well the last two days and that's encouraging.
Also the way my leg feels, after walking, and especially on this golf course, going up-and-down the cart paths, especially down the cart paths, my leg feels pretty good.

Q. Any pain at all?
TIGER WOODS: No pain at all. Zero.

Q. Where do you go from here?
TIGER WOODS: Go to the airport.

Q. Did you feel like distance control was hard the way these greens were releasing sometimes, grabbing other times?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah and also the ball is flying a long way here. You know, it's flying a lot further than you think and the wind is a little bit kind of swirly and gusty.
So it was hard to pick up exactly where it was coming from. And then also controlling your distances out here. That's also one of the challenges we knew going into this week after playing a practice round here that that was going to be the main thing is trying to get your distance control on these greens, because you have to. Where they're releasing, they're not real big targets to hit at.

Q. You mentioned business as usual after the first day, still feel that way?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I felt good today. I felt I went out there and hit the ball well. As I said, I just didn't make enough birdies. Tim did that today and I just didn't answer him with mine.

Q. How did the knee feel?
TIGER WOODS: It felt good. It felt really good. I just iced and elevated it and didn't have any soreness, which was nice.

Q. Are you going to Doral next?
TIGER WOODS: I don't know yet.

Q. 32 holes, is that enough of a test?
TIGER WOODS: I was very pleased that walking down the cart paths and obviously playing, getting some rhythm of playing, that I have no soreness, no pain. Now it's just a matter of getting back and playing and playing more rounds.

Q. The misses to the right today, was that deliberate at times? If you were going to miss, you were going to miss to the right?
TIGER WOODS: Well I missed only three shots all day. That's not a lot of shots.

Q. You didn't hit any to the left.
TIGER WOODS: No, I didn't. Obviously a lot of trouble is to the left.

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