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February 22, 2009

Paul Casey


Q. Well, eight birdies was very nice, but I suppose looking back, the two bogeys might have made you come up short, do you think?
PAUL CASEY: I think I'm not going to putt it down to two bogeys today. I think you can put it down to a lot of mistakes during the week.
I'm kind of happy because it's a golf course I just never felt very comfortable on all week. I've hit about three drivers this week; a golf course where I can't use the driver is a bit challenging for PC. I like to bash is a bit.

Q. More of a strategic challenge then?
PAUL CASEY: I think so. You know, yeah, basically. He's a guy that gets it in play and has good control of his golf ball. I had 2-irons and 3-irons around a lot of the golf course but that meant I had longer irons going in than some of the other guys.
Hey, not every golf course we play is not going to be a big monster and it's nice to play a golf course where length is not the most important thing. So, I enjoyed it and it was nice to finally get a few birdies going.
There were lots of bunkers in lots of places -- I played it last Friday.

Q. And?
PAUL CASEY: It's going to be difficult. The difficulty is keeping the ball in play. A little bit like this place; if you lay back and stay away from the trouble, you've just got extremely long irons into the greens, and the green complexes are unbelievably complex. Lots of humps and hollows and very, very difficult.
If you take those bunkers on, then obviously you can go in with wedges and 9-irons, but hey, that's match play, and 18-hole match play, mistakes will be jumped all over and you'll be punished.

Q. Will you use driver?
PAUL CASEY: Not sure yet. I hit a lot of 3-woods to be honest. On the par 5s you can give it a go. If you get it in the fairway, you can get it on in two and if you don't, it's a three-shotter. There are some tough par 4s. We have a drivable par 4 on the back nine which is nice, they have moved some of the tees off.
I think it will be a good golf course. It comes back to the clubhouse now and the previous golf course we played, it didn't. That was frustrating for the spectators and a little bit for the players.
So I think it's going to be a better venue in that respect.

Q. What's your record like there? Is it a good event for you?
PAUL CASEY: What am I going to do? It's okay. Since it moved from La Costa, when it was at La Costa, I really struggled, I really don't get along with that golf course and I think I lost in the first round every year.
The past two years in Tucson, I think it's been much better. I only got through a couple of rounds last year, lost to K.J. Choi. The previous year, I think I got through four rounds or so, something like that.

Q. You've won The World Match Play championship, haven't you.
PAUL CASEY: I think my match-play record is not bad.

Q. Have you had a chance to talk to Monty this week at all about The Ryder Cup?
PAUL CASEY: We were talking about aircraft, turbulence.

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