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January 21, 2009

Bubba Watson


JOE CHEMYCZ: We would like to welcome Bubba Watson to our interview room. Bubba shot a 10-under par 62 today. Bubba, eagle, birdie, three 2s on the scorecard, just talk a little bit about what was good.
I had three 2s really? Wow. No, I just putted well. Out here you're going to have a lot of birdie putts or hopefully you have a lot of birdie putts and you got to make them. It's just going to be a birdiefest. And I just putted well right from the get-go.
I just missed the putt on 10, my first hole of the day.
And I made about a 12-footer for birdie on the second hole, No. 11.
I don't know what other holes I birdied, but I just made my 10-footers, I made some 10-footers, made about a 12, 15-footer for eagle.
Made, right before the eagle I made a putt on a par-3 from like 25 feet. Maybe 30 feet. The greens are running good. They're just not fast, but they're running so smooth that you can just feel like you can make every putt.

Q. 62, ten times out of ten will lead the first round of a golf tournament. And you're actually trailing by one. Is there anything surprising about this kind of scoring at this tournament?
BUBBA WATSON: No. The weather, there was no breath of air. It was just no wind anywhere. Greens are in great shape, golf course is in great shape, you can see every golf course being shot 10, 11-under, maybe a 12-under. And the weather is perfect. You can't ask for better golfing weather for us.
So I can easily see that 10-under is not winning, but I'm just glad I got 10-under. So I'm not too far back.

Q. When you come to a tournament like this, I guess with the course changes everybody's kind of thinking maybe it's 30 might be the number again after a few years. Is there a point during the tournament where you start to think, well, you know, look at the leaderboard or do you worry about that until you played all four courses?
BUBBA WATSON: Out here you can't really look at the leaderboard because you're going to have guys who are playing a certain stretch of holes where they're going to make a couple eagles out of three holes because the par-5s, there's five par-5s on the course I played.
So you're looking at par-5, par-3, par-5 or whatever it is. And then so you're looking at you can be 5-under in those three holes. Because you're talking about a par-5 and a wedge and another par-5.
And you're going to see that the numbers are going to change up-and-down, but you got to stay focused on what you're doing. And again it's just a putting contest, it's hard to do because I looked at the board all day and was amazed to see Pat was 8-under through nine holes and we're playing the same nine and I was at 3-under when I saw he was at 8-under and I thought, wow, this is unbelievable.
But then I hit that stretch and I made a couple birdies and I finished up at 5-under through nine so I'm only three back of him. And I putted well and shot 5-under on the back nine, so now I'm one back of him.
So I watch the leaderboard all the time, just to see. If I'm playing bad or good I always look to see what the numbers are. But you just got to expect it. You know, 30-under, if the weather is like this, 30-under is going to be in the top-5 anyway.

Q. Obviously you played the Palmer before, tomorrow you go to Nicklaus Private, which is new to the rotation. Did you get much time over there and if so what do you think of it?
BUBBA WATSON: I just hit 18 tee shots. That's all I did. I didn't hit second shots into some of the holes, didn't hit a putt. I thought it was a great course. I like some of the shots.
You got like the second hole there, I think it has a rock in front of the green. And it's, I mean, I don't mind that. I think it's fun. Why not do something like that.
Then you got some other holes that are just neat. Like No. 1, I got to hit 5-iron off the tee, I think, and a 9-iron into it. So it's more -- if I'm feeling lucky I'll go ahead and try to pound a driver.

Q. I was going to ask how many drivers are you going to hit?
BUBBA WATSON: Not that many. And the sad thing is I looked at driving distance holes, there's a driving distance hole out there on that course that's a par-5, tightest par-5 I think we ever played. And I can't hit driver on it, but it's a driving distance hole. So my driving distance is going to be down tomorrow. Unless I can talk my caddie into giving me driver.
But it's a fun course. The few holes that I saw, I saw that the greens were narrow. You got No. 1, two, three, four, number 4 has a narrow green, the second shot in there. So you're looking at you, your irons have got to be on. But if you hit the greens, you got some short putts for birdie.
JOE CHEMYCZ: Well Bubba, thank you.
BUBBA WATSON: Thank you.

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