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September 19, 2008

Anthony Kim

Phil Mickelson


Q. There was a lot of scrambling and a lot of hard work.
PHIL MICKELSON: There was, and they played some great golf. Padraig made some great putts. That putt on 16 to keep them from going down was a huge putt for them because they would have lost four holes in a row. We were able to win though three to get back to even, and I thought we might have a chance on 17 and 18, but unfortunately we didn't make a birdie. We were very grateful to take a halve having been 3-down with six to go.

Q. Did you have a good time with your young partner as you might have anticipated?
PHIL MICKELSON: It really is. We've got to play a little freer. We wanted this so bad that I think we hit some shots that were a little tight. We've got to go out today and kind of free-wheel it a little bit, play more relaxed and see if we can make some more birdies.
ANTHONY KIM: We worked so hard to get here. It's a very emotional day, and I'm so excited to be playing, and hopefully I can go out this afternoon and play some good golf.

Q. Was it everything you thought it would be today?
ANTHONY KIM: Everything and more. I had such a good time. Even though we were behind most of the day, it was great to get out there and play, and obviously the support from the Americans was unbelievable, and hopefully we can give them something to cheer for.

Q. You and Phil seemed to get along pretty well out there. That chemistry was there?
ANTHONY KIM: It was. He's really taken me under his wing. It was really nice of him to do that. I'm learning so much out there while we're playing even. We went out there to win our match, and hopefully we can do that this afternoon.

Q. You're contributing, too.
ANTHONY KIM: I hope so. I hope I was doing my part, and this afternoon I'm going to go out there and try to do a little bit better.

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