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August 30, 2008

Heath Slocum


Q. Heath, a 64 in round 1, 3-under par today, 10-under total, currently tied for third. Birdies at the 13th, 15th, 2nd, 4th, only one bogey today, pretty solid round.
HEATH SLOCUM: Again, I played well today. I didn't make nearly as many putts as I did yesterday, but I got up-and-down a few times when I needed to, saved a couple pars, and I still made a few putts. So overall happy to be where I'm at.

Q. 36 holes into this golf tournament, is there any one particular part of your game that you would say was the key?
HEATH SLOCUM: Still the putting. I mean, I've still just made my fair share of putts the last couple days. To win on this golf course I'm going to have to continue that. To win on any golf course as a matter of fact. But I'm going to have to make some putts.

Q. Let me give you some putting stats, 26 putts yesterday, 28 today. Here's the stuff that's really impressive: 20 of 20 inside of three feet, 28 of 32 inside of ten feet. Pretty solid.
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah, again, I'm just going to have to continue to do that. Like I said, the putter is good. Continue that.

Q. You're happy with this putter, you're married to this one?
HEATH SLOCUM: We'll see.

Q. You need a big week this week. Did you even bother computing what you need to do this week?
HEATH SLOCUM: I don't know if I could compute it, I really don't. I heard that I dropped 20-something spots last week. I have no idea. Honestly, you know, there's been a saying out here, good play takes care of everything. I've been playing pretty well all year. I haven't quite got it all together, but I've been somewhat consistent. So I'm just playing golf.
If they let me in next week, great; if they don't, I'll go do something else.

Q. You played a totally different golf course last week, one style. Is that okay?
HEATH SLOCUM: I prefer it. I actually don't know -- last week didn't favor the long guys at all. That's just my opinion. I felt like last week some of those 600-yard holes I was having to hit some 3-woods just to carry some spots. There's one hole out here, No. 7 out here is very much the same. I'm just more familiar with this golf course. I have a better game plan. I've seen it for I don't know how many years now, but as long as they've had it here. These greens are softer and more receptive, so I just feel like I can get the ball closer, and like I said before, I made quite a few putts this week so far, and I made zero last week. Part of the equalizer.

Q. I wasn't there last week, but there was a scoring grind last week, and now for whatever reason, soft greens, no wind, whatever, but it's 3-under might make the cut type of thing. Do you like that type of variety as we're talking about an elimination program?
HEATH SLOCUM: I like variety. I like some weeks where scoring at par is a premium, and I also like weeks where you can fire at some pins and shoot some good numbers. I mean, I think that not only do I like the variety, I think that most of the guys out here do, and I think the fans do, as well. It gets boring if you're just shooting 20-under every week, and it gets boring if you're shooting 8-under every week.
I think it's great. That's why we play so many different golf courses in a year. I know that a lot of players have talked about let's mix it up, let's change some course conditions or just put some variety of tees so we can just have a variety, not only for us but for the fans out here, as well.

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