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August 29, 2008

Heath Slocum


HEATH SLOCUM: I made of lot of putts, hit some good shots, hit some shots that weren't my best but I got away with it today, and I capitalized. You kind of take days like that and run with them.

Q. A lot of people shot low numbers. Did you see that coming when you woke up this morning?
HEATH SLOCUM: I did see the scores and knew that there were some low scores, so I just went out there with the mindset that obviously it's out there, and hopefully I can make my fair share. I made some putts today. I felt good over the putter.

Q. Three birdies right out of the gate. That always sets the tone for the day, doesn't it?
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah, I'll tell you what, you wish you could do that every single day. But yeah, definitely, and they were three really nice putts. I hit good golf shots, but I made putts, and it was very nice, nice to see those balls go in. And from there I just kind of tried to keep the pedal down, you know, not play stupid but hit some -- be aggressive when I could be, and I made some putts coming in. I made some putts in the middle of the round, two bogeys, just hit a couple bad shots and very pleased with today's round.

Q. Talk a little bit about your confidence level coming into this week.
HEATH SLOCUM: I missed two straight cuts, but I felt good. I didn't play that poorly, I was hitting good putts, I just wasn't making very many, and at the PGA I kind of had a big number on 16 coming in to miss the cut. But other than that, really, I've been playing fairly solid all year. You know, last week with just missing that cut, it obviously hurt more than I expected in the points, but hopefully I can make up some ground this week.

Q. Any birdies of note today?
HEATH SLOCUM: I know I did. I made a long one on 10. That was probably 30 feet. It wasn't extremely long, but it was long enough. I think we all made long putts, all three of us. It was good to see the guys in the group, too. I mean, they didn't play their best golf, but we were all making cuts.

Q. You were with Parker and Bill Haas?
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah. It was fun to see the ball go in the hole.

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